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    Which processor is better?

    so which one would be better for hosting like 2 or 3 game servers at the same time? the games being like call of duty,minecraft,TF2, counter strike games. The computer/server would be only used for hosting game servers.
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    Which processor is better?

    I was wondering which processor is faster a 3GHz Dual core or a 2.4 quad core processor? which one should i consider if i am buying a computer/server to host game servers? so what should i look for more cores or a faster speed on a processor as far as being faster?
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    Can't send email form site

    i am using joomla for my site and i have a form that sends information to one of the emails with this webhosing serverice.when people try to submit the form it sends them to a 500 internal server error or something.I was wondering if that was you guys or something with the joomla setup.
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    lost all files

    I try to go to my website which is and it takes me to a 404 not found page that is greenish blue like a teal. so i login to cpanel and it says i have lost every thing except some databases. i guess earlier their was an error with my domain or something. what happened to my website...
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    can't make more SQL Databases

    The cpanel says that i can have a total of 4 databases but i only using 2 out of the 4. it won't let me make any more databases.Why can't i make two more databases?
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    support Request wasn't answered then closed

    I opened a new support request and then it was closed. why was it closed?
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    MySQL problem

    The cpanel says that i can have 4 databases. i have 2 already and i am unable to create 2 more. I was also wondering how would i allow like a game to save and read from a MySQL database on my site?
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    Website url goes to

    thank you, it worked.
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    Website url goes to

    i changed the domain to at 11pm. I checked today at 3 and it sends me to i would like my domain to be i can acces the cpanel to my website i just can't access the website when i type in the url into my browser.