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    Huge List Of Free MMO Games

    Hey this is so awesome! :D I'v ebeen lookin for free MMO's all around past weeks and yes i've tried a few but never been fully satisfied. I played Savage for a while and liked it a lot but it had sooo few choices: two races, each having 6 units... Too tiny spectr for me. WOW would be awesome...
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    Flash Programming

    Hey, this problem has been around in my company also: the lisence is so expencive that we have to move the few lisenced versions from computer to computer and because we're a business there's really no way around...
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    I could earn $$$ here!

    I wonder if there's really need for C/C++ programmers anymore... It's all about internet and WEB... ugh, i've NEVER liked them at all. Besides most offers are just unfair or fraud like the one at top of page... :D
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    anyone play EVE?

    I tried eve online once but got tired of it too soon... I'm really picky about games and in the end i don't want to play games i want a real social life! :P
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    What is better and more effecient the direct x series or the OpenGl series

    I used to program on DX 7 and 8 but during the time that's passed since the last time i did i've started favoring OpenGL more and more for two reasons: it's open source AND cross-platform. Suppose i was a professional in the video game industry i'd probably use DirectX because it's natively...
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    Dark Knight anyone?

    Yeah me too... My roommate said that it's dark... Suprisingly. I've heard a lot of hyping about the role of joker and that's the only reason i want to see the movie at all. :0
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    WoW: Wrath of the Lich King?

    It looked nice, but that's all there is to it, oh, besides the WoW athmosphere that must intrigue the WoW fanatics, i.e. no life nerds?
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    Hey! :) Welcome!
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    Pefect World

    What's the main content of Perfect World?