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    Mail not reaching its destination

    I can confirm it's working for me. Thank you!
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    Email on

    Yup! Make sure you open a support ticket.
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    Website gone?

    I think everyone on level is down. I really wish the would give us some word when this happens. The status page shows nothing and no word here. Disturbing...
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    Mail not reaching its destination

    I submitted a ticket the moment I noticed this issue (#24821) a few days ago. I know the volume of tickets submitted are very high due to the server changeover, so I wasn't expecting a quick response. Thanks!
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    Email access using POP in MS Outlook and SMTP in Android stopped working

    Did you change your email settings when x10hosting changed servers? For example, I was on boru and the settings were to use Now the server is level, and should be changed to
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    Mail not reaching its destination

    I just received this mail at my x10hosting's email
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    Mail not reaching its destination

    Well, I am able to send mail to myself (x10hosting email address) but it's not reaching outside addresses. My site is having no problems sending my database backups via email to an x10hosting address. This is one of those times I wish we were able to use an external SMTP. Now it's kind of...
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    Mail not reaching its destination

    I noticed my site was full of unactivated users. So I tested email and it's not reaching the destination. I have tried this with the php mail function and smtp and both as failed without error. I am receiving mail, however. I'm on Level. It was working for a while until today, the 9th.
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    Database offline on Level?

    It seems it's back up and running once again. Status page is also back up once again, but didn't mention anything about Level's SQL issue. Nevertheless, it's up and running again, although a little sluggish. I'm sure in time when all the bugs are worked out the server will be just as quick as...
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    Database offline on Level?

    Is there an issue with Level and MySQL? The status page is not functioning.
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    Boru Down Again!?!

    It appears to be working now.
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    SFTP not working?

    I usually use SFTP to transfer my files to my website since I need to keep the timestamps correct since FTP doesn't seem to support this. When I tried to log in I received an error in my (S)FTP client Filezilla and fails to connect: Is SFTP no longer supported or is it just down? BTW, I'm on...
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    Can't log in to mail

    I can't even log in to my mail, either through a 3rd party app or webmail. It keeps telling me invalid password. I even changed the password in cPanel and still doesn't work.
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    Boru down?

    Seems Boru is back up, at least for me it is.
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    Boru down?

    Anyone know what's going on with Boru and when it will be back up? The status page is non-existent, ticket system if borked and no official word is quite disturbing.
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    Issues with boru?

    It seems boru is having issues of some sort. Every time I go to my website it doesn't open. However cPanel and the account portal works just fine. Is anyone else having this issue or should I just go submit a ticket? Status at this time says nothing. EDIT: Nevermind. After 15 minutes or so it...
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    emails not reaching live/hotmail users

    I thought I had posted that here, too. I did mention that in my ticket. Anyways no errors, no bounce backs. It's just like they're getting sent to /dev/null.
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    emails not reaching live/hotmail users

    I want to add that my Hotmail users are also not receiving their emails. Everything else seems to be going where the need to as far as I can tell (nobody except Hotmail users have been complaining yet). I tried with my school account (Live/Outlook-based) and mails were going through, although...
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    SMTP Issues with PHPMailer

    This is an ongoing issue for me, too. I've got a long thread here in the forums regarding using GMail with SMTP and the exact same issue. For now I've set up an email in CPanel and using that one with SMTP and it seems to be delivering mail although I still don't trust it. FWIW, I've got a...
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    Default Web Site Page

    I see the default "Welcome to x10hosting" page.