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    [50 credits] Need hits : Might be a marketing guru

    You should watch out for what you ask: 1 - 500 hundred regular visitors is a lot. I would have understood if it was 50 credits per visitor. 2 - Simply by answering this thread I am probably making a fourth of what you are offering.
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    In your opinion what is the most powerful programming language

    To my point of view java is the most powerful language. With it you can program for any operating system, you can use it on the web and even create android apps with it. As for myself, I learned C --> C++ --> (Html+Css) Php --> Java and java a programming language you can use almost...
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    Dreamweaver CS5

    If you are willing to learn how to create a website you first need to learn html and css. Dreamweaver may seem great but by starting with it you might make a lot of mistakes. You should first find tutorials on the web (sorry but I don't know any good links as I am french and thus learning on a...
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    What is the Best AntiVirus?

    As a free antivirus I would definitely recommend Avast. Especially since they changed their interface and added a sandbox mode. If you are willing to pay the price, you should probably go for Kaspersky, but beware, it might seem a little bit complex for an antivirus.