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    Can't login to CPanel

    Pretty self explanatory, I can't login to my cPanel. Domain is
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    Can't unsuspend

    Well, considering there was nothing there to begin with, I guess everything is intact.
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    Can't unsuspend

    I seem to be suspended for inactivity (don't know why, I log in every other week) and can't unsuspend myself. When I try I get the following message: "A system error occurred while processing this action. Error Code: AE3E7FCC" My domain is supposed to be
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    Free hosting package change

    I would like to change to the new free hosting package, the one containing unmetered disk space and bandwidth.
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    Website down since move

    Thank you for the information, that's all I really wanted.
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    Website down since move

    My website has been down since the move to the new servers. I've filed two support requests about this, one was closed when all support tickets were closed, the other one is open on low priority. However, I have not received any news on my account on either support ticket. I would like to hear...
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    Account isn't working on Lotus after move

    My account seems to have not been moved to the new Lotus server. The status blog says the Lotus move is complete, yet whenever I try to login to CPanel ( I get "Login attempt failed.". Also, all attempts to access my website through any domain (
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    Account hasn't moved to new Lotus

    I've tried logging in to, and it says "Login attempt failed.".
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    Account hasn't moved to new Lotus

    My account seems to have not been moved to the new Lotus server. The status blog says the Lotus move is complete, yet I can't login to CPanel. Also, all attempts to access my website ( time out.
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    Support Center

    Just a thought about Lotus, is it possible that some malicious user is causing all the problems? Considering how it keeps having problems, even with new hardware, it seems like a possibility to me.
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    PHP V2 - Intermediate

    Is there some way to test to be absolutely certain?
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    PHP upload fail

    I have a php script that is supposed to allow people to upload pictures. There are two pages, a form, and the one that actually posts it. Upon filling out the form and going to the poster, I get a 500 error. Not sure if this is a bug in my script or a problem on your end or what. I'm on...
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    PHP V2 - Intermediate

    On my account status panel it says I have v1, despite the message that all accounts have v2. Which do I really have?
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    Php script for mail doens't work anymore

    Are you on advanced php? Beginner doesn't support the mail function. Also, the big if at the beginning should probably have the ors changed to ands. But the big one i think is that $HTTP_POST_VARS needs to be changed to just $_POST. Try those.
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    Game: Ban the Person above you!!!!!!!!!!!

    I ban AJradio for being radioactive.
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    Cossacks HTTP is down

    As people on Cossacks have probably noticed, HTTP is down yet again. I have already filed a support ticket. Edit: Seems its back up.
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    Control Panel Setup

    It seems to be taking a while for some people: see this thread
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    How many websites allowed on x10hosting account?

    If you login to your CPanel you can see all this information on the right column. New websites are "Addon Domains".
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    Cossacks Down ?

    Is it possible to move to a different free server and off of Cossacks?