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    unable to log into cPanel

    Hiyas Anna, Thank you for spending time on me - i feel special, now ;) Still having the same issue, though I know the team will figure it out, eventually For now, i can use FTP Thanks Again, Dave
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    another cPanel login failure - lol

    FTP works i am good, guys i know you have a lot of issues and, i am sure you are aware of this one, and are attacking it
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    unable to log into cPanel

    "Login Attempt Failed!" message when attempting to log into cPanel ---------- Post added 11-10-2010 at 08:51 AM ---------- Previous post was 11-09-2010 at 09:27 PM ---------- i am able to use FTP that will work for me i know you guys are terribly busy
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    another cPanel login failure - lol

    Hello ? my account is active, but i cannot sign in to cPanel it still says "login attempt failed" any help would be greatly appreciated Dave
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    another cPanel login failure - lol

    i am having the same problem as several others i updated my password in account panel cleared cookies, etc i tried boru, starka, and stoli urls also - having problem signing into forum with Firefox it seems the page is not loading correctly i am able to sign into forum with IE i tried the cPanel...
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    Forum Skin Vote

    anyone else see the punch line, here: "forum skin" - oh well - lol i think it is largely what you get used to pick something easy to read, Corey, and we will like it at the risk of sounding like an old housewife, "I love what you've done with the place"
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    Merry Christmas All

    like a bad penny, i am back i like the new look , although i am not too sure about whoever collected the emoticons - lol Merry Christmas !!!
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    I am back - lol

    Finally got my files back in place and rebuilt hard drives after a nasty virus attack. I should have some time to spend on my site, now. Dave
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    w32virut virus

    This is a nasty virus that about killed me - lol. It infects console mode exe's and all html's on your drive. It seems to be installed on trusted sites. I placed these 4 payload sites in my HOSTS file to disable it while I rebuilt and cleaned my drives. ( remove the XXX from these URLs -...
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    I don't know why I am so busy

    I thought I would be able to devote more time to my website. Since becoming semi-retired, I have never worked so hard in my life - lol. I will get back to fixing it up. I want to make a nice help-site. - Dave
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    Still noobie

    I still feel like a noobie - lol. I have not had the time I had hoped to improve my site, but I have worked on some of the content a bit. Please be patient with me. - Dave
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    still busy here

    I wish I had more time to work on my site, but it has been very hectic around here. I have, however, been preparing some material for my help pages. I have no-ads patches for all versions of yahoo messenger. Also, I have a fix for the go-google virus that has been going around. It will fix your...
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    Forcing A Download Dialog

    Hi All, I just wanted to let everyone know what a great site I found for help on PHP. Gary White has done an outstanding job. I am using this PHP script for file downloads. Because of the great PHP support and unrestricted file types allowed by x10hosting, and...
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    Please Help Me!

    the html page should be named index.html it is then placed on the main (root) folder of your site for some sites, that is public_html folder, i think that's all there is to it you may e-mail me at if you have troubles
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    Hi everyone

    Soon, I will have some time to fill out my site a bit more. I am trying to provide help pages for people with computer troubles, and to help them set up Firefox (particularly for Yahoo! games). Come and visit.
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    x10 Service

    I have compared many free hosting sites, and I think x10 is the best - I have had many problems with the others; Not allowing different file-types, no or poor php support, no htaccess control, sites out-of-service, as well as limited space/bandwidth. Thank you for a fine service.
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    Thank You X10

    Hi - Dave here - I am building Help Pages for those with computer troubles - and learning HTML, CSS, PHP in the process - so far, it has been a learning experience - lol