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    Please review my website

    Your site makes me feel I am struck in 90. It looks like a page and not a website. You need to redesign the website at the earliest and try to optimize it so that people can find you when they search with some particular website and term.
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    Fun Off Topic - My new forum website

    I could not find anything in the forum. It is completely blank and it does not look impressive either. I think it is the high time to pull your socks and start a viral marketing to promote your website.
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    Your opinions please.

    It looks fine but since it is in different language, I could not figure out the exact meaning. But you can make it look a bit better by using some soothing color theme.
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    Please Review My Internet Marketing Forum Haffow

    It looks fine and the theme is good but the main problem is that the URL is pretty hard to remember. Even it is difficult to pronounced. There is almost no activity in the forum. I think you have to work hard to promote it.
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    please review my site thx

    It looks like a free wordpress theme. Have you customized it? Please let us know about it so that we can give you valuable inputs.
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    My logodesign (comparison of before and now:))

    Is this a logo? It does not have any meaning. Try to keep it simple and use only text instead.
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    Review my forum:

    Your forum looks good, professional and impressive but it lacks the logo. Try to design a unique logo that befits the theme of your forum and I hope it will for you.
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    Should We Migrate to Mac From Windows

    I am anxious and a bit curious to know whether it is the ideal time to migrate to Mac from Windows since the latter one comes with a number of nagging issues such as vulnerability, virus attacks and other intriguing issues. I would like to get some valuable feedbacks from the members.
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    Any link exchange

    Your website has got expired. Renew it first before you can exchange links with other websites.
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    Please evaluate my website...

    Your website makes me remind of the website design trend of the 1990s. Try to spruce up your website and give it an artistic look as far as possible. Try to use some other background color for the same purpose.
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    It depends on you. If you are an addicted blogger and cannot even think about spending a day without posting a single thread, I think you should have a dedicated blogging platform. But if you just want to test your writing skills, a free wordpress account or blogspot account is sufficient for you.
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    The US thinking about Internet censorship!

    I do not think the US government is heading toward curbing the rights of free expression of its citizen over Internet. I think what they are doing is nothing more than tackling the menace of security threats over Internet.
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    Check out this random website I am working on

    Your website looks and impressive. I think blackish background would serve the purpose beautifully but I think you need to make sure that goes perfectly with the theme.
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    SEO tips?

    There is no short cut route to success when it comes to get high rank in Google. The best thing that you can do is to get as many good links from different domains as possible and you will be able to ensure a good ranking sooner or later.
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    Logo Review

    Your logo seems good but the fact is that has got a bit overshadowed by other elements. just give it some space and it will definitely spice up your logo. The style and the concept is good though.
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    Please review my site so far

    Every thing looks good since it is your first attempt. I would like to suggest you create a logo for your website that will definitely spruce up the appearance of your website a bit further.
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    how to increase traffic

    The best way to increase traffic to your website is by securing good ranks in certain competitive keywords and for this purpose, you need to do a number or things that includes link building, On page seo, adding quality content etc that can help a lot in this regard.
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    My Website

    I think you might have to give a serious thoughts to it. The best thing that you can do is get some inspiration from different sources before giving finishing touch to it. But before anything else, you need to brush up your website design skills first.
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    My Nature photography site

    Since this is your first work, I would say that you have done a good job. But there are some problems. For example, the buttons of your website does not look impressive. I do not like the use of such a large image of a bird in the center of the website. I hope you will take care of these issues...