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    Review Our Site please...

    My first thought was "what did i clicked to???" and i agree with cobyone...
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    Favorite Old School Games

    oh boy... pacman, target fun (if i recall the title correctly) and the original megaman for the atari. :D
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    USA Presidential elections....

    voting's going on right now over here
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    happy halloween

    happy halloween :)
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    My Laptop xD

    Just needs a bit of tweaking and you're good to go.
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    free templates web

    thanks, i'll take a look at these later :)
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    about Co.Cc

    don't forget that annoying banner they require you to place on your site's homepage :(
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    Perfect World International

    Saw you while on my way to bb village
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    Perfect World, anyone?

    Who here has played it yet? I currently have a lvl 12 venomancer and I think its the best mmo to come out since...well I never was into mmo's until now :dunno: but nontheless, I love it :biggrin:
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    Yahoo Messenger Spam

    My solution: stop using yahoo and find another messaging service:cool: i stopped using it 4 years ago, never regretted it to this day :biggrin:
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    Since the first public release was about a week ago, don't expect it to blow the other browsers away immediatly. But its VERY impressive from what I've seen so far. Give Google a little more time to tweak Chrome and we'll have those bugs fixed and more options to play with :biggrin:
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    What kind of games do you play??

    RPG, FPS (gotta love the Halo series), Strategy, Platform... My top 4