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  1. namnguyenhoang794

    My first site

    So simple :D
  2. namnguyenhoang794

    My new site

    Lol. You are an idiot too.
  3. namnguyenhoang794

    Is this good ?

    how to install xenforo forum ??? I get error >_<
  4. namnguyenhoang794

    Please review my sites and give idea to make it much more better...!

    Black and white, i think need more colour to make it bright
  5. namnguyenhoang794

    Review My Site

    Your site looks great and i like it :biggrin:
  6. namnguyenhoang794

    The Tribute Pages - Major Revamp. Please review :)

    Hix, i don't like it because you used many red colour. Feel so hot :rolleyes:
  7. namnguyenhoang794

    Review My website

    No content ???
  8. namnguyenhoang794

    My site ROCKS!! thank you x10hosting...

    It's Simple machine, why i can not install smf?
  9. namnguyenhoang794

    what do You think about this?

    Websites For Everyone. i don't know what reason you created it?
  10. namnguyenhoang794

    Review My Site

    Yeah, not bad. I hope you will update in next time! Good luck! :D
  11. namnguyenhoang794

    What is the Best AntiVirus?

    Norton is the best of all :D
  12. namnguyenhoang794

    Please review my site

    I think it's simple. There are many theme wordpress. I hope you like this theme
  13. namnguyenhoang794

    How fast is your internet?

  14. namnguyenhoang794

    the best games ever

    Sometimes, i just play Guity Gear :wink:
  15. namnguyenhoang794

    what domin you like better or .tk

    Me too, i prefer .tk to :redface:
  16. namnguyenhoang794

    Please, help me! Have problem with my hosting.

    Today, when log in my cpanel. I went to file manager anh i saw . I don't know what problem happen. I can't upload, i can't creat new folder ...etc. My web was deleted. Please, help me! Thank you so much! I hope to recieve your comment soon.
  17. namnguyenhoang794

    Review my blog for a secret project

    Yes, i thing color is quite dark. You should make it brighter :biggrin:
  18. namnguyenhoang794

    Review my site

    slightly lighter in color. I thing so. I hope that you dont angry :smile:
  19. namnguyenhoang794

    Free domain name !

    I think it's a scam :mad: