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  1. jspcodes

    My new site

    I analyzed your website using the plus were loading time and w3c validated. You have to concentrate on social book marking on other thing as per that site suggestion to increase the traffic to your site also finish your site first completely.
  2. jspcodes

    Premium Sites Username and Pass

    Looking for premium downloading sites username and password ? it is here All are working.... Enjoy !!!
  3. jspcodes

    Cpanel not working

    yes man it is working fine now. But i don't know when such problems will come problems i have faced with x10 hosting 1. server down for some days 2. database showing some error for some days 3. smtp didn't work for some days 4. GD didn't work for one or two weeks 5. Inactiviy (wrong one)...
  4. jspcodes

    Cpanel not working

    Nope i had some problem it seems. I posted a ticket, admin resolved the problem they asked me to reset the password
  5. jspcodes

    suspended for "inactivity"?

    Same thing happened to me. Please submit a new ticket.
  6. jspcodes

    Cpanel not working

    My site cpanel is not working (it says Login Attempt Failed!) forum username :jspcodes site name: or account name : jspcodes Please reply soon.
  7. jspcodes

    I am logging into forums but i am still suspended

    My website is often suspended and the suspension report says that inactivity in forums. But i am logging into forums regularly. So please unsuspend. Thank you:lockd:
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    Could not connect: Access denied for user 'jspcodes_admin'@'localhost' (using passwor

    Database is not connecting. Already the server was offline for 2 days. Please correct i soon.:nuts:
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    Thank you very much for reviewing my site. Yes i am having idea to start an site with model...

    Thank you very much for reviewing my site. Yes i am having idea to start an site with model tests for certifications. I believe X10 will allow me to host, if not i don't know what to do.
  10. jspcodes

    Mac Web Templates Needed

    I am not asking to build a website for me. People can share if they have any mac template for wordpress blogger or phpbb or drupal. They are available but many people don't know
  11. jspcodes

    How Google Works

    Back Rub algorithm of Google is always nice. But i have one doubt Google lists results upon the the "back link" i.e where he has come from. Imagine one result is first google search and that will be clicked more number of times by a user than the result in 5th or 6th page. Though it contain...
  12. jspcodes

    How to store images in a MySQL database

    Thanks man. There is another way of uploading images instead of using BLOB or CLOB we can upload the picture to a folder in server and we can move the link to database.So if we need that file to be accessed we can use that link. Because industry people preferred that method over this. Kudos for...
  13. jspcodes

    Mac Web Templates Needed

    I am a big fan of Mac and Apple. Can any one share Mac Style Web template or Mac styled photo album or Mac Style sheets for webpages. i have one given by I also need images, icons.:lockd:
  14. jspcodes


    I am writing this for just for information. Basically this is hack. I-Phone or I Touch comes with an hardware and preinstalled software(some thing which has only basic)and that you cannot using I-phone. Apple installs some OS over the basic software. If you are able to get the OS which apple is...
  15. jspcodes

    Virtual OS on Flash Drive?!

    VM-Ware workstation is Vitual OS which you can run in Windows. And you can select an Virtual Operating system. If you installed Linux, you can select that too and without restarting. Windows and Linux will be available on same time. No need to restart. R-Desktop is a virtual OS which does...
  16. jspcodes

    New Macbooks

    Can you mention the specification of Mac Note Book. And is that running Leopard? Can you tell me can i run i Mac on my Ordinary PC ?
  17. jspcodes

    I need help

    Does X10can run Java applets and class files or JSP pages? Please don't give the subject of your question as help me or solve this problem
  18. jspcodes

    which is best method?

    I think you are asking this for SEO optimization. First important thing is to have your site map correctly. Online sitemap creation site Second is that you want to concentrate on meta tags. Meta tags are less important to google than your headings. Google considers...
  19. jspcodes

    Looking for New Staff

    I know PHP and CSS. Am i eligible for you ?
  20. jspcodes

    default.php not working

    I have pointed this default.php in several menus. Sir, this default.php was working 2 days before. I think you should default.php in updated php configuration. Do i need to change the dafault.php into index.php in all the menus. Many people have their home page as default.php. Thanks for the...