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  1. Iknowyou

    Gam3con Gaming Forum Looking For ppl to join!

    Hey guys, My forum is: Recently I've just resurrected an old gaming forum of mine and have finished setting most of the stuff up. I am looking for people who has similar interest in this project and would like to help out. It's a gaming forum and the boards you see are what I...
  2. Iknowyou

    Please check out and review my gaming forum

    Hey guys, first of all, thanks for clicking on my thread. My forum is: It's a gaming forum and the boards you see are what I would like to focus on. I'd like to target a few games in the beginning, just haven't figured out which ones yet. I've only just resurrected it a week ago...
  3. Iknowyou

    Could i get in Trouble for my Website?

    well the fact that your hosting account got suspended means...yes :P
  4. Iknowyou

    WeDoPvP - Please review

    Cheers man :) Awesome, glad you like it :)
  5. Iknowyou

    WeDoPvP - Please review

    Cheers man, I actually used the same theme as ur site, Arras, except I modified the CSS and stuff.
  6. Iknowyou

    WeDoPvP - Please review

    WeDoPvP <--Click here :D I've just finished, well more or less, making this website. It's lacking content at the moment but that will come later. It's a gaming site that focuses on the PvP aspects of MMO, RPG and FPS. Also by hovering on the "Social" button then clicking on "Activity" from the...
  7. Iknowyou

    An FPS gaming blog

    The background still doesn't feel right if you ask me, mind I suggest you to have a look at other gaming sites' background? It will definitely help.
  8. Iknowyou

    An FPS gaming blog

    I reckon you should change the background to either a customed background image or a smoother texture. gl
  9. Iknowyou

    Top 5 google tips and tricks

    .... the fact that you only mentioned 5 things means you don't know anything about Google but just want to paste your link on.
  10. Iknowyou

    Need a x10Hosting like website

    all i can say is...good
  11. Iknowyou

    Review My New site

    You did not design this site. All you did was install wordpress and used a premium wordpress theme called Hypax (demo:, yet on the footer of the page you claimed the credit for copyright. Again, judging by the fact that you are using a free domain (, it...
  12. Iknowyou

    Suggest Design Changes

    whether its just me but I really don't like to enter sites that are .tk
  13. Iknowyou

    Exclusive brand new Homepage :)

    What is your site about? can't tell from looking at the domain name and even after going in.
  14. Iknowyou

    Review my website template PLEASE?

    Everything looks great except the header area :/ I'd say you could do with a better image :) gl
  15. Iknowyou

    Improvements for my site Team Seek

    Thanks mate
  16. Iknowyou

    Yeah I might be interested in a partnership ;)

    Yeah I might be interested in a partnership ;)
  17. Iknowyou

    Improvements for my site Team Seek

    Thank you guys for your feedbacks, I'd definitely work on those flaws and improvements over the weekend, and yep I definitely hope more seeks will come in :D Greatly appreciated.
  18. Iknowyou

    Improvements for my site Team Seek

    Hey thank you for replying. I think I know what you mean by more pictures, but could you give me some ideas on the options I should have?
  19. Iknowyou

    Improvements for my site Team Seek

    Hey guys I am always looking for suggestions to improve my site I want to know how the idea of this site appears to you. I want to know your suggestions/opinions on how I can get more exposure and more people using it. I want to know what I am missing here as I want this site...
  20. Iknowyou

    How do you think I should promote my site?

    sure why not, pm me the details :)