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    Aww what happened? Is this a permanent thing, or is something down?
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    I've been gone for some time, but now I'm back. I tried performing a test script in my cgi-bin and it's returning a: I'm guessing that either /usr/bin/perl is not the right path, or something is not working right. Also, it seems Postgres is no longer available :(
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    Newbie here grateful if you can review My Site.

    My problem is I didn't know where the menu was. There's a lot of black/white and all the text is black, so unless you know where to click, you didn't know that was a menu.
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    Java Scripts

    @mission: I don't think that works
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    How am i going to start to design a good site

    This just reminds me of the Nigerian spam and money scams I see all over the net. Be weary.
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    is google AdSense worth it?...

    The better your traffic, the worse it is. Google is notorious for freezing accounts and not paying out.
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    A new site and a great opportunity for earning extra income: NukedForPyramid

    Re: A new site and a great opportunity for earning extra income: Thatfreething It's a pyramid scheme. I'd avoid it.
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    Do You Think XP will be Phased Out Eventually- Alternative OS?

    Phased out? Sort of. The official license support will be dropped in 2014. A virtual WinXP comes with Win7, which is how the compatibility mode works. That is also why support is lasting out to 2014, it would be dropped sooner, otherwise. Win7 if you use a lot of MS products or "game", and...
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    Why is my website taking so long to load??

    It loads fine here. It could be, because of a few things: 1) Server load. The moment you were trying to access 2) Internet load. One of the hops between your computer and the server is backed up or broken. 3) Your local internet's bandwidth is being abused either by you or one of your neighbors.
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    thanks marc!

    thanks marc!
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    Nice Update :)

    Excuse me, I meant Corey and slaves :)
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    Nice Update :)

    I love the changes to the forum, Corey and staff. Lookin' good and it's loading faster. -vol7ron
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    new2 index template

    neither. the title should not disappear once they appear
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    Javascript Conflict

    evan yeung, not really sure what your problem is. I don't use either of those plugins scripts. is it possible that it should be initLightbox()
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    Chopin/Stoli Updates Discussion

    Are you foreign? Of course he was "joking" - he being sarcastic. He was implying that updating the servers to make everybody's site better is more important than just your account. Additionally, if he never updated the servers, the hardware would not be adequate to meet the users' demands.
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    Chopin/Stoli Updates Discussion

    Can the perl database drivers be reinstalled?
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    using cgi and perl to create guestbook

    /usr/bin/perl It's located on the left menu in CPanel
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    Need help about javascript

    do you have a link to your page that you are testing?
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    SQL Database Optimization

    Wrong and wrong. The more records a table has, the more important indices become and yes they do work against smaller tables because the database first scans the data library and finds the index and then scans the physical table for data. If the original table is small enough, then it's faster...
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    Simple SQL Problem

    MySQL over PostgreSQL? tsk tsk