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  1. roby718


    I need my account unsuspended NOW. this is taking far too long. I at /least/ need to get a backup of my site. ---------- Post added at 12:37 AM ---------- Previous post was at 12:35 AM ---------- disreguard that. :/
  2. roby718

    Yet another review my site.

    I've had to say this before, and i will say it once again, please look at the underlying technology. You will find that search engines can see the text, as it is rendered in cufon. Which draws the text from pre-existing text in a division. The website is NOT SEO ready yet, either. So dont expect...
  3. roby718

    Please review my website

    The image in the heading has a gradient fade that steps far to noticeably, along with the fact that it has some awful JPEG artifacts. site design is OK, but not my favorite. ---------- Post added at 05:49 PM ---------- Previous post was at 05:46 PM ---------- additionally, the image stops...
  4. roby718

    Hows My Site Look

    You are going to get my bad side, as I am in a bad mood. 1) Your site is using the default PHPBB template, I have never seen ANYBODY ever use the default template 2) Your forum rules are far too short 3) There are absolutely no board relevant to the topic of "free advertising" There.
  5. roby718

    PRime vs. Free Membership

    Please don't hijack my thread.
  6. roby718

    All Premium Tricks

    If i were a mod I would give a prompt and stiff beating with a banhammer. =(
  7. roby718

    Ubuntu or Windows 7

    same issue
  8. roby718

    PRime vs. Free Membership

    List every reason I should, and shouldn't get a prime member ship for 4.95/yr
  9. roby718

    Yet another review my site.

    Please delete this thread
  10. roby718

    cPanel Issues

    I just added a domain in cPanel,, and tried to bind it to "/public_html/718DESIGN.TK " but instead I made a directory called "" (lowercase), and bound the domain to that. When I tried to remove the domain, park wrapper wouldn't let me because I apparently don't have...
  11. roby718

    New site - Review?

    This is bad. But could be made awesome easily. I don't like RB though....
  12. roby718

    a bit unsure about the rule, just looking for basic content feedback on my site

    It looks like a good geocities site. It could use some good layout, and less table use, combined with more CSS use.
  13. roby718

    FTP Timeouts

    Can't connect to FTP anywhere. It's a server side issue.
  14. roby718

    Review my website! :) Please...

    Re: I also want to review my website please!!!!!!! Stealing threads is horribly impolite, I would suggest clicking the "New Topic" button. And sperko, I like your site, excellent design.
  15. roby718

    Have alook at my site in a new revision

    cufon needs to be loaded before anything. Otherwise, thanks And, you know, the whole site is AJAX-based ( i need to work on a graceful degrade site ). so, yeah... Content before frill...
  16. roby718

    DNS Servers Are Down

    DNS Servers are down for * and addon domains. Please don't give me copypasta about flushing my DNS cache, I did that already. returned (SERVFAIL) returned (SERVFAIL)
  17. roby718

    Using a template or starting from scratch?

    Don't use photoshop templates, In my opinion, it is useless proprietary way to make useless proprietary websites. I code all of my websites from scratch. see:
  18. roby718

    Have alook at my site in a new revision

    The javascripts cannot be combined, as they are libraries and fonts. I've tried placing them at the bottom but had bad results.
  19. roby718

    About my site...

    err, a bit overdone?
  20. roby718

    Have alook at my site in a new revision - Revision 2