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  1. bigdbag

    lightweight laptops

    I'm getting a new notebook PC and I need help with finding a good laptop that's preferably under 4 pounds. I need a fairly fast processor but the big thing is upgradable ram, and hard disk space. CD drive is not needed. Anyone know of a pc?
  2. bigdbag

    What's the best font organizer?

    Hey, I have over 5500 fonts atm and I am uh, having some trouble looking for the right font. Does anyone use a font organizing software that allows you to organize them into folders and stuff and output them directly to a program like photoshop? I need to know what software is out there that's...
  3. bigdbag

    Rate my New Flash Intro

    I use swish, swift, and flash mx all the time. I'm learning 3d Flash animator now and that's what this example was done in! It's got some audio so make sure your mute isn't on. Rate it plz from 1 to 10! :grin: ***edit***the link's broken for some reason, gotta fix it first srry.:blink...
  4. bigdbag

    Anyone want Flash stuff?

    Just like Imshipon, I'm selling flash stuff to everyone at x10hosting that has points. Specialized Flash Blogs - ..... 100 points (You won't be disappointed! Easy to add to and delete, and very cool looking. Normal blogs are boring. Why not get a flash blog?) Intros -...
  5. bigdbag

    Poll: Do you use Swift 3D?

    I use swift 3d but apparently many flash developers that think they're the stuff don't even know what it is. so, here's a poll to see who does.
  6. bigdbag

    Best Color Combinations

    What are your favorite color combinations for a website design? Mine- north carolina blue , light orange, and white, with black or white text. :original:
  7. bigdbag

    beginner flash mx

    Enjoy my in-progress series of beginning flash mx here: Have Fun!!!:grin:
  8. bigdbag

    Do you use Style Sheets?

    Just wondering. Personally I use them a lot.
  9. bigdbag

    rate my flash intros

    The three flash intros at the link below are my first. Please rate them and tell me what I can do to make them better. Thanks!:original:
  10. bigdbag


    x10 is apparently my new version of heaven! It is awesome! :laughing: