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    I need help quick.

    If you simply want to get files onto your VPS, simplest way will be to use an FTP client such as filezilla that supports SFTP. Set filezilla to SFTP, provide your vps access details and then you will then be able to upload/download directly.
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    WordPress, other blog software, or a CMS?

    would advise MU, this will alllow multiple blogs and in the future you can use community plugins such as buddypress (facebook kind of thing) which normal wordpress would not support, in regards to the database yes, you can easily tap into wordpresses database object.
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    WP code for opening url links in new window

    - glad you got it running. The double quotes were used because the output would be generated html, to be honest though it does`nt matter in html or php which you use, however PHP does interpret quotes differently, a single quote is literal, and everything within the quotes is outputted exactly...
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    WP code for opening url links in new window

    You only need to add the functionality to your functions.php You are missing: add_filter('the_content','ALL_OPEN_IN_NEW_WINDOW') ; add this and it should work, so your functions.php will now read: <?php add_filter('comments_template', 'legacy_comments'); function legacy_comments($file) {...
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    WP code for opening url links in new window

    Yes, you can intercept must things in wordpress by registering a hook, which will perform a call back to a specific function. Of the top of my head, I would advise the hook "the_content" which will pass the output of all pages and posts to another...
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    Can Javascript read a file to a string?

    absolutely descalzo... To answer your question tscrap This can be complex to do, however if you utilise a framework such as Jquery it can be achieved with a single function call. Firstly you will need a way to preserve the structure of data from php to javascript. Use JSON (JavaScript...
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    Can Javascript read a file to a string?

    ....unless you make an ajax request to a php file that uses curl to load in the actual file. Easiest way by far is to use Jquery to load the content from a local php file into the dom. The local php file that is used in the AJAX call would have the ability to load content from remote sources...
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    Hi, Thought I would say "hi" before I head off Im a webdeveloper, have been for many years, work both freelance and fulltime on some big projects. Have a CS degree and am involved with several open source communities, such as wordpress (plugin developer), concrete5 (block developer) and have...
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    WP code for opening url links in new window

    Not sure what your trying to do here? If you change the base tag ALL links will open in a new window, including viewing pages and posts. If you wish to do this place the tag in the header sectin of your website, typically in wordpress look for a file named header.php in your template folder...
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    My site on Internet Explorer and Firefox

    screenshot of internet explorer 7
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    Review my website please

    Nice design, nice and clean, however perhaps you can optimise the header banner a little? it loads slightly slower than the page renders, perhaps consider compressing some components with gzip. also the home link takes you off site (assuming the home icon means home). --- additionally...
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    please close my account

    Account Deletion Request - Please delete my free hosting account. cPanel username: (X) Inserting an X inside the parentheses signifies that I have made all necessary backups of my free hosting account and will not hold x10Hosting responsible for any data I am unable to recover after my free...
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    please close my account

    please close my account, many thanks Adrian