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  1. kzonax89

    Review MNXFORD Community sites

    for begining is god. keep the god job ;)
  2. kzonax89

    What do you think?

    nice work, i like the theme!
  3. kzonax89

    New Artists Site

    nice nice, do not let the fans to wait, get serious and finish what you started :P
  4. kzonax89

    Add Domain

    thanks ;)
  5. kzonax89

    Dark Meldoy Designs

    look surprising, really. but links don't works..
  6. kzonax89

    Please review my updated site

    Yes, indeed, have a good influence on web design. i like the slogan, simplicity, and the way that you choose to express your love for your girl. But I have some suggestions .. At the "Music" section, you might add a playlist to your own host, just you have an x10hosting site, you have a lot of...
  7. kzonax89

    If there is a chance to help, do it now!

    i'm confused. what script to install on Site name, what tells you? Calfa is means = "C" is mean Cartier ( in English means neighborhood ) and "Alfa" is the name of neighborhood. I'm From Romania, Arad. Come on folks, give a hand to help a poor man :biggrin: Hehe
  8. kzonax89

    New Artists Site

    yea, is nice. i like the ideea. but some links don't work, don't appears nothing.. ;)
  9. kzonax89

    Add Domain

    x10 welcome, i'm new here and first I want to congratulate you all doing here. congratulations! For begining, I try to add a domain and do not know nameservers "ns" .. pliz help!8) Ascultaţi Citiţi fonetic