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  1. funindia

    Where is my site?

    I'm unable to go to my site also to Cpanel. Please help me, I went to Cpanel on 16th October 05, Kindly restore my account. Regards Abhi
  2. funindia

    I cant find my site

    Hi! I'v x10 Corporate account form 16 Arpril 2005, it is absolutely working fine, thanks for the x10 Admin and Moderators. My site never suspended till date but from last two days (17/Oct) it is not reachable. I'm unable to go to cPanel. Also there is no suspend message appears. My...
  3. funindia

    Who hear me??

    Who hear me?? I’m facing DNS entry problem for last five days, no Admin is hearing me. I’ve send few PMs to them but this not solve my problem Can any one help me to solve my problem? Actually I need to reset my new domain name which is only possible via deleting its DNS...
  4. funindia

    Delete my DNS Entry

    Hello Admin! I accidently deleted my parked domain, so I cant add it agian nor Moderator could'nt set it up. Please Admin, delete the entry of from your DNS, then I can use it as my root domain. Sorry for giving you truoubles... Abhi
  5. funindia

    Domain Problem Again

    I got some some error when attempting to park my new domain name yesterday, See this post When I again go to my domain today it working fine but just after some times it pointing to Also I cant see the...
  6. funindia

    Domain Name Problem

    I bought a new domain name but when I tried to park it here at my x10 account getting error as follows: Parked Domain Additions Sorry, you are not allowed to park common domains., Bind reconfiguring on server2 using rndc Bind reconfiguring on...
  7. funindia

    Changing php.ini of server

    Hello Admin! I just want to is it possible to change few setting in servers php.ini file for my request. I'm asking this because my site is based on Mobile related downloads where members can upload files e.g., ringtones, java games etc. Sometimes the the file size exceeds upload limit of...
  8. funindia

    Installing IkonBoard

    Any one installed Iknonboard in x10 server. Because I'm getting 500 Server error while installing IkonBoard 3.1.2a. If anyone here already did that please help me to solve my problems. Thanks Abhi
  9. funindia

    I Love CorelDRAW

    We always talk about Photoshop, Dreamweaver but I like CorelDraw, It does all for me. From Simple Vector Imaging to PDF productions. Also has bundulled PhotoPaint just like Photoshop, quite lite to the system and performs task very well. Just like Flash, Corel's flavour is RAVE for flash...
  10. funindia

    How to buy Laptop

    I'm going to buy a laptop but little confused, which brand I choose, Compaq/HP, Dell or IBM, please help me... I need atleast 80GB, 512MB, Centrino, DVD/combo.... and not the least WLAN (802.11b/g).
  11. funindia

    Put Adds in my Group

    Any want to put his/her adds in HTML text, no images (currently) in the header/footer mails of my group's posts. Your adds must be related to Mobile Phones, Jokes, Games, Music, entertainment etc. I've 850+ members in my group FunIndia, for deatail check the group home page at...
  12. funindia

    Whats your Best Movie

    TITANIC is my best movie I've ever seen. Last few shots are very touching. I think you all have seen that movie. Express your feeling about your favourite movie....
  13. funindia

    Orkut Invitations are here

    Hello x10 Memebers!!! Want to join worlds biggest friendship network "Orkut". Just PM your Name & Email to me. You will recieve your Invitation very soon. For more details regarding orkut visit Take Care Abhi :blink:
  14. funindia

    Who is the best Email Gmail/Yahoo/HotMail

    We are not satisfied with our present email service. We need more.... Give your opinions / options here.. Who will going to Rule the Email tradition? Any one is here who still like hotmail or any one who hate Gmail?
  15. funindia

    Whose Avtar is the Best?

    Hello Every One! I think x10hosting should start a contest called "Whose Avtar is the Best" Name clears, whose avatar is the best will win the contest. Now what you think about this? Waiting for your response Abhi --------------------------------------------------- Free Domain...
  16. funindia

    CMS for WAP Portal

    Hi! I'm try to create a WAP Portal (Wireless Application Protocol) which can be browsed from any WAP enble device like Cellular Phone. It is very difficult to create a good portal also a hard task to manage it regularly, I want to use some CMS for this purpose. Friends! Can you help me...
  17. funindia

    Fastest CMS?

    Hello! Can any one tell me the the fastest CMS of the world? I'm currently using MKPortal, it is quite good but have lots of bugs. If you any have CMS, faster and stable, please tell me. Bye Abhi
  18. funindia

    Question about New Plan

    Hi! I want to know few things about x10hostings new x10advance hosting plan. I'm currently have this plan, so please clear my doubts. * Are you going to remove custome 404 pages from x10advance hosting package? * What is the last date for changing adds in pages after that account will be...
  19. funindia

    cPanel Not Working

    Hello Admin I'm unable to access cPanel, getting following error after logging into cPanel Unactivated License File Please Sir, try to help us. Regards Abhi
  20. funindia

    Upload file size limit

    I want to use portal system for my website and also want to provide my members to upload their files. Now the problem is we only upload files less or equal to 2MB. how can I increase upload file size limit in scripts. Defaul limit is 2Mb. Please help...