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  1. zygzag

    Bandwidth meter

    Just a crude way to see how my sites are doing traffic wise. Also, if I ever have to change hosts, I'll know how much bw will be needed. And if it's unmetered related, is it possible to have metered bw enabled (just on my acc) again? Even if it means I'll be limited to 10 gigs of bw a month. I...
  2. zygzag

    Bandwidth meter

    My bandwidth meter seems to be stuck at 0 / 10240. Is this all part of unmetered bandwidth? How often does the meter refresh? I kinda need my monthly bw usage info. Thank you.
  3. zygzag

    The domain you have supplied is already in use.

    Under addon domains I only had I deleted it. Now addon domain and subdomain sections are empty, but I still get "The domain you have supplied is already in use." --- Edit 1 --- Just noticed another thing. x10 panel shows "Sub Domains" but I can't see it on...
  4. zygzag

    Post your specs

    I've upgraded my beast (sarcasm) Was Celeron D 3.20Ghz now Pentium D 2.80Ghz Was ATI onboard now Geforce 8400GS 512mb Was 19" head now 19" + another 17" head i had rolling around The rest is the same 2gigs of ram 160gb and 120gb Seagates + 250gb external WD
  5. zygzag

    The domain you have supplied is already in use.

    Hi. I had an account here a while back and used as my main domain. Now I want to bring the site back under a new account (this) but I get "The domain you have supplied is already in use." when I try to set as the main domain. If I remember correctly I requested old account...
  6. zygzag

    link exchange software development, tech, web design

    I'd be interested, but my site is pretty young, so you'll probably won't get much traffic back.
  7. zygzag

    What's in your disc tray?

    Nothing. It's a complex process to get a disc in there. I have to use a safety pin to open it and it's pretty time consuming job. I only use it to reinstall my OSs.
  8. zygzag

    Link exchange - Low traffic site

    Anyone is interested in link exchange with me. My site: Your link will be on the left, inside "Neighborinos" block.
  9. zygzag

    Lockerz Invites

    At you can earn points and redeem them for prizes. You earn point by referring people (2ptz/ea), answering daily surveys (also, 2ptz/ea) and logging in daily (2ptz). Site is invite only, so if you want an invite, pm me your email. You get to play this game right after you sign up...
  10. zygzag

    What are you listening to right now?

    Emiliana Torrini - Jungle Drum
  11. zygzag

    x10hosting isnt free?

    Your images are hosted @ photobucket and you've reached photobucket bandwidth limit. It has nothing to do with x10. You should move your images to your x10 account to prevent this from happening.
  12. zygzag

    Need text color help

    Thanks, but I'm not going to use that theme. I decided that I want something simple :drool:. Edit: New theme is up.
  13. zygzag

    Need text color help

    Never mind, guys. I decided to make a third design :nuts:. Something little more simple, but hopefully still okay looking. :dunno: But thanks. :happysad:
  14. zygzag

    What is the Best AntiVirus?

    I use my brain and sygate firewall :naughty: Haven't been infected for years.
  15. zygzag

    x10 forum attendance sheet

    neteater Soki sarvar leafypiggy vigge_sWe ichwar diabolo coldfirezz akkudreamz Smith6612 alexandgruntz LHVWB ichwar neteater akkudreamz IonCannon218 Briganti i2006 ichwar makj111 leafypiggy nexhunter sarvar Stunna akkudreamz neteater nterror ichwar akkudreamz ichwar sarvar akkudreamz...
  16. zygzag

    Need text color help

    But it wouldn't match the theme.
  17. zygzag

    Warez or no Warez?

    As a High School Student, I'm nowhere near affording software like Photoshop. Also, they don't really sell Photoshop CS2 anymore, and I can't run newer versions on my machine. If I had money, I would definitely pay for it.
  18. zygzag

    Worst Things a Girl Said to you?

    "You're too quiet." And then she dumped me. :tear:
  19. zygzag

    Need text color help

    Thanks. :hsughr: I guess this one kid is messing with me, has a bad eye sight or a crappy monitor. He keeps telling me that he can't read the text. :nuts: I also have another theme. Don't know which one I want to use. Ugh. I'm never happy with my designs. Thanks, again. P.S. Love the...
  20. zygzag

    Need text color help

    Hello. I've been trying to get text color right for a while now and I think I got it right this time. So I'm just wondering, can everyone read the text without bleeding their eyes out? Any other suggestion are welcome too. Site: Thanks for you time.