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  1. anasta

    What kind of games do you play??

    I have seen some preview 4 Diablo III, it will have greater graphics and more rpg feats, hope they releases it soon enough.
  2. anasta

    For every kind (genre) of games, what aspect do U like most from them?

    For RPG: I vote for the game story For 1st person shooting: I vote for great graphic and action (Both should look and feel great) For Strategy: Complexities For Simulation: Reality feeling, like air combat kind of game they should have a complex control. what about U guys? Do we have any...
  3. anasta

    !!!! The NEW Biggest thread !!!!

    picking my wordpress theme it's a little bit tricky though, beautiful themes but awful feats, good feats but awful looks must find a way to make it better my self and it took my time alot... :tongue:
  4. anasta

    Game: Team A Vs. Team B

  5. anasta

    What is the best RPG game?

    Final Fantasy series! Who can forget 'em. who can forget rinoa, yuna, squal, cloud, zidane and everybody, I found the stories behind Final Fantasy Series are great, even most of em have the same game play (X series a lil bit different), but yes their stories are great, something to remember...
  6. anasta

    What is the best RPG game?

    These are best Offline RPG games for me: Diablo Series Fallout 2 and 3 Neverwinter Nights Elder Scroll Morrowind and above Just find one that suits you. I'd play them all they're great!
  7. anasta

    Newbie Here!

    Hi there, I'm a new guy in town too, actually I'm looking for login assistance. But what I found is a new friend here, well, that'll do :tongue:. R U gamer quest???