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    what forum script are you using???

    Simplemachines for the win...literally....It's just so easy and simple to use! phpbb is just so hard, to add mods you have to edit soo many files, for SMF you just have to upload the zip file, go to the installer and ding, your mod is ready! Ding mod is done, ding mod is done, I've gotta...
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    Free Domain(Read This)

    He doesn't even have 100 credts >.<
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    Free (Need to create long term, almost permenant team)

    I could probably integrate the game & the forums, but are the users password for the game encrypted in anyway? Contact me @ mattdrainbamage[[at]]
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    Latest Update - News Response

    Okay, I opened a support ticket...
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    Latest Update - News Response

    **** is lotus up? I don't want to make a support ticket because he stated that if it isn't 100% and u add a ticket u get banned from the support thingie... All my sites on lotus are down: Should I add a support ticket or will I get banned...
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    Yeah, just upload your whole site to public_html
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    Mac or PC

    PC. Mac is just to..simple...and they end up making those stupid commercials about PC. PC has TONS and by TONS i mean TONS of applications and not to mention Games! PC is just more of a "popular and useful" type
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    Argh downtime again?
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    Nice URL?

    So the urls still function even after they expire?
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    Nice URL?

    I just found out that .CO.CC sub-domains expire after awhile and my is almost going to expire, I don't know how to get all my users to a new url... Is there another free service such as that provides a small and unique website address the doesn't expire and has DNS, or would I have to...
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    My files and DB's

    The files are yours, but X10 isn't liable for any losses. The right to access your files is governed by the rules and regulations, which basically state that you can be banned at any time at the discretion of the staff. And also read the Terms and Agreements >.<
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    Free (Need to create long term, almost permenant team)

    Are you expecting people to help you develop a game for free?
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    Game: Ban the Person above you!!!!!!!!!!!

    Banned for eating falafels while posting >:D
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    The Ctrl+V game Was sending link 2 people who wanted to download Hypercam 2
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    Lotus HTTP seems to be down, the Cpanel works, just Apache isn't working...
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    200+ credits to make my webpage look better

    What is it going to be used for?
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    Any good RPG's READ DISC.

    Runes Of Magic is your best shot: Great MMORPG, friendly community, similiar to WoW and it's free!
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    any name ideas?

    Computer Byte Get the best byte of your computers. Sounds good and the name isn't taken
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    Huge List Of Free MMO Games

    Habbo - etc... Join the world's largest virtual hangout where you can meet and make friends. Design your own rooms, collect cool furniture, throw parties and so much more!
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    Thanks for joining x10hosting. It would be better if you posted your question to the support section of the forums, or submit a ticket at