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  1. ryan.mcmillan1045

    Count to 1 Million

    2838 gram of smack
  2. ryan.mcmillan1045

    account deletion

    cPanel username: intersec (X) Inserting an X inside the parentheses signifies that I have made all necessary backups of my free hosting account and will not hold x10Hosting responsible for any data I am unable to recover after my free hosting account is deleted. The X also serves as my digital...
  3. ryan.mcmillan1045

    my site domain is broken

    i cannot get to my site, when I enter my domain in the address bar it shows a page saying that the site does'nt exist, even my addon domain does this, any help would be appreciated
  4. ryan.mcmillan1045

    Problem with zone records ??

    i changed the name servers to x10 hosting's , but they are still going the old host that i had it pointed to, i changed the zone records for google and they work, subdomain for my site work, the ftp connects but says bad login, i think i have to wait for the nameservers to update ----------...
  5. ryan.mcmillan1045

    Problem with zone records ??

    well i thought i would point this out there is a hyphen in the address web"-" maybe thats why the domain was showing up as not registered
  6. ryan.mcmillan1045

    Review my website (template)

    yipp, your domain are not working , "Site Does Not Exist"
  7. ryan.mcmillan1045

    Please review my new Blog

    well i'll keep this short, Content rich which is good, great visual elements, site layout is easy to use, all you have to do is get a more appealing domain name , such as .com or .net, you will get higher ranks in search engines
  8. ryan.mcmillan1045

    new innovative site

    first things first, the design is bad, you could be doing with much cleaner gfx and contrasting colours, but the idea of the site i think is brilliant , I think the way you layout some pages is somewhat confusing and messy, so in the end all that is wrong with your website is the visual...
  9. ryan.mcmillan1045

    Review Plz

    I love the header of your site, very nice colours, also i love the Web 2.0 style buttons ,overall the appearance I would rate 8, there are e few glitches, and the content I would rate 9, because you have lots of content on most of your pages Great Work!
  10. ryan.mcmillan1045

    Please Review My Website

    i think your domain has expired lol
  11. ryan.mcmillan1045

    MMORPG forum

    the first page is great(good gfx), although you are using a free forum software with a bad theme, i reckon you should create your own forum(which is what i am working on at the moment) or create a theme for your forum, if your ambitious enough
  12. ryan.mcmillan1045

    My First Website

    very nice site i think, but it is very dark and dull, not as apealling to the eye , although there is a nice contrast between the button and the page
  13. ryan.mcmillan1045

    Problem with zone records ??

    well, i deleted my domain and changed it back to , but now it is saying Website Does Not Exist, i think i have messed up the zone records in my cPanel, could you be able to access my account and fix this , thanks in advance
  14. ryan.mcmillan1045

    account deletion

    well i tried to change my domain to a domain but it never worked so i tried to change back to my old domain but it comes up a page sayin this website does'nt exist , so i want to delete it so i can start a new site and re-upload the files
  15. ryan.mcmillan1045

    Problem with zone records ??

    i was told to ping to get the ip and thats what i got
  16. ryan.mcmillan1045

    account deletion

    i would like the account "intersec" to be deleted so i can start a new one, thanks
  17. ryan.mcmillan1045

    how can i change my domain with Zone Records and not nameserver

    i have tried both method on there but i still can't change it, i'm going to move to a new host
  18. ryan.mcmillan1045

    how can i change my domain with Zone Records and not nameserver

    ive been having problems with my domain, i have to use zone records instead of nameservers due to the fact that i have to use MX records for gmail, but i just cant seem to get the domain to point to my x10 hosting site, i need some help
  19. ryan.mcmillan1045

    Problem with zone records ??

    i do not understand what you mean, the domain i am trying to use is, i've changed my main domain to this and here is my settings on admin panel i've set an A record to the chopin server but still does'nt work ??
  20. ryan.mcmillan1045

    Problem with zone records ??

    im trying to register the domain "" with zone records because i cant use nameservers because i need to add a mx record for gmail i've added a A record on my DNS hosting settings and a CNAME for the www. but when i try to go to my site it says either "Server sent no data" or...