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  1. sparkzbolt20

    Get "" domain to work with your x10hosting account.

    Nice,might get one of these. thanks.
  2. sparkzbolt20

    Windows or Linux?

    Windows, but linux if everything you need is on it.
  3. sparkzbolt20

    Excuse me?

    Thank you very much. Sorry if I cam out a bit rude here.
  4. sparkzbolt20

    Excuse me?

    I swear I logged in to here once I got the warning and thought it was fine, but now my hosting has been suspended. It says in my cpanel I can un-suspended myself right away, and this is my right forum account, but obviously I logged in now, and it's still down. I kinda need my...
  5. sparkzbolt20

    whats your faverout online multyplayer game?

    Team fortress 2. All the way! I've never liked a shooter so much.
  6. sparkzbolt20

    Firefox 4 is released!

    It converted me from google chrome~
  7. sparkzbolt20

    Best Dell laptop for engineering degree

    Well, it really goes for the model itself. I suggest you go ahead and do a search of the model numbers. Check the stats of processor speed, not graphics or ram, but the main processor. Check it' speed and other stats and compare it to the others. The most powerful should be your choice, assuming...
  8. sparkzbolt20

    Horror in my life !!!

    Is there any way you can get out of the country?
  9. sparkzbolt20


    Thank you both. My site is now live, and working better than ever.
  10. sparkzbolt20


    I'm coming here after problems with other hosts. Still waiting for my account to be verified. I have my website ready to be put up, can't wait.8-)