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  1. Hun-Ta

    Password Reset (im soo stupid!!)

    Hi I'd like to have my Cpanel password resetted please. I cant enter the Cpanel or gain access to the site. FTP is still up though. Thanks!! cPanel ID: CRH Site Address: My Name: Carl Hunter Email:
  2. Hun-Ta

    Domain name screwed up

    hello! i am needing some help with my domain name! is supposed to mask my x10hostings subdomain which is but it doesnt... i have updated the named servers on the place where the domain name is from ( and that, but still not...
  3. Hun-Ta

    My account has been suspended!

    cPanel Username: hunta Subdomain: / How long your account has been up: Quite a while... since 12th March 2005 Did you have the ads placed on every page: no, as i pay for add free
  4. Hun-Ta

    HELP! Website.... died....!!

    Hello all, my website is no longer working. I cannot access any part of the site or the cpanel aswell. I was able to again access earlier on today, but now it is not possible. URLS: These both dont work! CPANEL user: hunta Can...
  5. Hun-Ta

    Updating website problems...

    Hiya, i am having a problem which confuses me!! on there is the updated version of my website on there is the updated version of my website BUT on the actual, there isnt an updated version of my site, just the old version...
  6. Hun-Ta


    hi, i have my IP address from the cPanel on my free hosting, and i have typed it into the address bar, and an error appears: This Account Has Been Suspended Please contact the billing/support department as soon as possible. Any Advice help? BTW, my ip is:
  7. Hun-Ta

    Open CMS!

    Hi, i am trying to install opencms, and i am having problems.... :fear: The install tutorial: The install directory: OpenCMS root directory:
  8. Hun-Ta

    Grrr.... random horizontal scrollbar!

    hello! i have a problem... i have created my website design in dreamweaver, and i have a random horizontal scroll bar, where it is not needed what so ever.... the link above shows the error, i will also attach a zip file with all files...
  9. Hun-Ta

    Mambo help please

    hi, ive installed mambo..... and i can access the admin pages, but the acutal site wont load..... just a blank html file.. mambo is within that URL..... any suggestions?
  10. Hun-Ta

    Account Disabled...

    hi, my site has been disabled, i have uploaded php nuke, and thats all, i havent got around to ad's yet as i am too busy with my important college work: cPanel Username: - hunta Subdomain: - How long your account has been up: - 1 month Did you have the ads placed on...