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  1. dragoneye_xp

    Fun with Linux and Music...

    Try this in the console: sudo ls -R / | aplay I did it just to be dumb and got a bunch of weird noise, but a few seconds later, it started sounding like something from some heavy rock song, and was really cool for a while until it stopped and went back to the werid beeps and squeeks. And...
  2. dragoneye_xp

    My Forum

    Yes!! I finally got a forum up... how do I got about chaning how it looks so it can be really cool like one here for example?
  3. dragoneye_xp

    My Sig

    Well, here's my attention-grabbing sig... what do you think? I've had it for a few days now, but I've kind of wondered what others thought about it...
  4. dragoneye_xp

    Frontpage equivilant on Linux?

    What is a good equivilant of Frontpage (or even Dreamweaver) for Linux? I've tried Quanta and it's not very good... (Yep, I switched to Ubuntu anyway and got all the compiling stuff installed).
  5. dragoneye_xp

    What's the Best Linux Disto?

    What is the best Linux distribution out there has hardware detection and speed that's as good or even better than Windows?
  6. dragoneye_xp

    Help with PHP is needed...

    I am trying to fix my LIST (and several other "command modules") for Pyro OS Command Shell so that users cannot go back any further than their user directories. I've tried this... PHP: function inhome($path){ global $passwd,$userhome,$userperms; //Password, user's home directory, and...
  7. dragoneye_xp

    Music, the RIAA, and Downloaders...

    How come the RIAA gets all mad and wants to arrest the world for downloading music, and they don't ever complain if you, say, record hundreds of songs off a radio hooked up to your PC or off Internet radio and just have a million MP3s (or recorded music on CDs) lying around?
  8. dragoneye_xp

    PHP Easter Eggs

    Source: I read this then tried doing that on some random sites and sure enough, it worked! It even does it on my desktop server. But personally, I think that's just an exploit waiting to happen...
  9. dragoneye_xp

    Ever Been Suspended For Using PHP?

  10. dragoneye_xp

    Best Filesharing Client?

    :hsughno: What do you think the best filesharing client is? Limewire? Bearshare? uTorrent? eMule? Something else?
  11. dragoneye_xp

    Sig Graphics Software?

    What is the software used to make those little cool sig graphics I see so so many people with, and if there's more than one program, which is the best (IYO)?
  12. dragoneye_xp

    Point Giveaway!!!!!

    :facesjump ( !!! POINT GIVEAWAY !!! ) :bigok: I've decided to give all my points away in a fun way since I've moved hosts, and since I never really have no use for them, anyway. I giving away 100 points to whoever posts here. The first 15 people to make a post here will each get 100...
  13. dragoneye_xp

    I can't log in...

    cPanel Username: pyro_xp Subdomain: pyro.ExoFire.netB] X10 Package: Static [B]How long your account has been up: It had just gotten created I got my password in the email but it didn't work (ZoneAlarm's fault) and I ended up clicking the "forgot password" button on CPanel. I haven't...
  14. dragoneye_xp

    Site Mirroring?

    Is site mirroring allowed here? I want to try my site out on another hosting service (sorry about that - but I really need the extra space and bandwidth and - even though I don't think they are as good as X10 - since they at least claim to be banner- and ad-free, I want to try it out) and if...
  15. dragoneye_xp

    The Message In a Bottle Experiment

    I am starting a new experiment to see how far the forwarded messages you get from your friends go before they die out. Whenever the server goes back up and I upload everything (it's seems to have been down all day and part of yesterday - I still can't connect!), I will post the link...
  16. dragoneye_xp

    A Web Desktop...

    I recently made my website into sort of an online desktop. Is there anything I can add or take from it to make it look (or behave better) or are there any bugs? (I'm sure there are 'cause I know I've been "coding dirty" a few times, writing enough just to get it to work, fixing problems...
  17. dragoneye_xp

    Permission Denied?

    Why do I keep getting this error in PHP: Warning: fopen(rooms/DE_Chat_Rm_1.php): failed to open stream: Permission denied in /home/dragoilb/public_html/chat/functions.php on line 11 I tried changing persissions to 777 on everything but that didn't work. It had started giving me this error a...
  18. dragoneye_xp

    Golddigger en Espanol

    Who thinks they can translate this song to Spanish? It's something muy estupido I'm doing for my Spanish class to kill time.
  19. dragoneye_xp

    Music and Sound

    I've added Music and Sound to my site under Junk in the Trunk. Wait a minute. That's always been there. But you always had to settle for whatever was in there. Now, you can post your own music there. To do that, click [Upload Files] when you're there. The following types of audio are...
  20. dragoneye_xp

    Site List?

    Where can I find a list of all the X10hosting sites? I want to be "helpful" and add a link to every single one of them to my site.