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  1. DragoNuno

    Not accpeting new users

    Ok. Thanks for the info. I'll keep checking back. I hope they'll open soon!
  2. DragoNuno

    Not accpeting new users

    Hi, I tried to enter my site's control panel page but since it's been so long since the last time I did, it was removed due to inactivity of course. So I try to sign up for a new free account and I get this error: My question is: when are you going to accept new users from Portugal? Or any...
  3. DragoNuno

    Incredible slowness

    Is something going on with Chopin server? From time to time my site gets extremely slow or just gives me "HTTP gateway timed out" after along time of waiting for it to lad. It doesn't just happen to me. It also happens to other people that visit my site so it's not my internet that's going...
  4. DragoNuno

    500 Internal Server Error

    Sorry for double post but it's still not working. I'm still getting the same error. The only thing that changed is that the Account Panel is working now.
  5. DragoNuno

    500 Internal Server Error

    I was having SQL errors from the script (phpBB) on my site saying that the user of the db was being denied. I deleted the old one, add a new one, configured the script and now I get a 500 Internal Server Error. Is the SQL not working yet? I'm was previously on Fris server and according to...
  6. DragoNuno

    Count to 1 Million

    2487 days until retirement
  7. DragoNuno

    Can't access CPanel and FTP

    CPanel gives me this error: "Login Attempt Failed!" FTP connections always time out. Server: Fris.
  8. DragoNuno

    hey i cant login to my cpanel

    Having the same problem. Can't login in the CPanel. It gives me "Login Attempt Failed!". Also the FTP is not working. The rest seems to be working. (SQL and the website) Server: Fris
  9. DragoNuno

    MySQL not working

    Will they inform us about it? Because I'm about to try dlukin tip (CPanel is loading really slow) and would like to know when I could remove this temporary solution.
  10. DragoNuno

    Unable to access cpanel

    Same thing here. They're probably still restoring so we just have to wait.
  11. DragoNuno

    Error 500, Internal Server Error.

    I think it's because they are still in maintenance. I never had problems before and now I'm getting those errors too. We just have to wait :/
  12. DragoNuno

    Which Operating System do you prefer?

    Ever since I switched to Windows 7 it's been my favorite. Sure, there's some little things that bother me such not having the "What U Hear" avaible or not being able to change the midi synthsizer but it way more stable than XP and so far there hasn't been any program incompatibility issue. Well...
  13. DragoNuno

    Game: Team A Vs. Team B

    590 :p
  14. DragoNuno

    What's are your favorite PC games of all time?

    Breath of Fire 3
  15. DragoNuno

    recent problems in my site

    i've notice since yesterday (03/03/2008) that for some odd reason every time i want to post a new thread on my forum i get an Internal Server Error. I think it's related to what Bryon posted in the server alerts so i'm posting here like he said. cPanel Username: xanara First Noticed A Problem...