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  1. Lewis

    Unofficial Support?

    I was wondering if I would be allowed to create an unofficial live support for X10hosting users to use if they needed help and to get a few nice and expierienced people around here to be a part of it it won`t be a paid job but it be cool to help :)
  2. Lewis

    Live Help?

    Just a creative comment, I think you have come far with this but I would suggest to really help out people bring out live support and have hired support staff go on it once and a while not too much otherwise you would need alot of staff lol.
  3. Lewis

    Free Gmail Invites :)

    I have like 150 And nothing to do with them so if you have a GMAIL or dont just ask me for one..
  4. Lewis

    [IPB] Installing A Forum Backup

    To figure out how to download a forum backup check out this tutorial here - (Sorry if this was already posted..) This is for IPB Firstly login to your cpanel 1. Once logged in click on mysql databases 2. Once in mysql databases...
  5. Lewis


    Hey, Im new here just comming here to help anyone out who needs it so if you have a problem give me a shout ;)