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    which one is best for seo.......

    Define your business needs first then decide which SEO you have to focus
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    Gaming Website?

    My opinion, gamer love to share on social network and youtube. You should focus on these sourses first.
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    I think the good way to build backlinks is analyzing your competitors' backlinks. and you totally can use backlinks services.
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    Traffic For My Website.

    If you have money, you can do SEM (Pay per click) on Google, Bing or Facebook. it will help you get traffic and sales
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    free backlinks

    Agree with you, man. I saw his link,too.
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    Benefits of directory submission

    Thank you for great post. I never thought Directory submission is valuable like that.
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    Basic SEO for Newbie as of 2012

    In short, something you must do in SEO: - On-page: Optimize the title tag, description tag, ALT tag, Headings by adding keywords into them or at least make them simple and have the content about what your site doing; to do that you should ask the developer to change the code. - Build In-bound...
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    Dell XPS keyboard problem

    You should get your lapop repaired by specialist. I think something wrong with keyboard hardware. Good luck!
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    15 best business wordpress themes

    Check your Demo links, man. Did not work with me.
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    Payment Processing?

    I think you should use Paypal for some reasons: - Secure Process. - Huge number of Paypal users. - Suitable to all kind of credit cards. - the Fee is acceptable My Magento Themes site now is using Paypal, too. Our customers can pay via their Paypal account or their Creditcard. Totally satisfy...
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    My New year Gift to the x10 Community

    Thank you for reply. I sent you a message on your profile x10host page. I will so happy if receive the pdf from you. my email: Thank you,
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    Search Engine Optimization Techniques – higher ranking results

    Totally agree with your point. Now, live with Google Panda and penguin, writing fresh content (high quality and continously) is very important. The easies thing to do is you should have with your site a blog and enable guest comment.
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    Free gprs

    I can not enter your site. may something wrong
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    web design and web development

    The website look very nice. Your designs is clean and modern style. I think you can do some sample design and upload some marketplace (like themeforest) to get more sales. By the way, Are you familiar with e-commerce web design? I'm working at a new Modern Magento Themes team and may need your...
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    My New year Gift to the x10 Community

    Hi Henry, Thank you for your sharing. I just sent you a message via x10 forum.