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  1. disease74

    Increase Storage

    Hi I am making an archive of all the music I have written over the years. I have already hit the 512mb limit. Can I have unlimited space unlocked please? Here is my site:
  2. disease74

    HTML Editor Not Working

    Hi I tried three different browsers and I cannot get the in built WYSIWYG browser editor to work. I used to use it all the time to make quick changes to my website. I tried Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge browsers. Anyway you can help me get it working again? It was so convenient. :(
  3. disease74

    Hosting Account Space Upgrade

    Hi just wondering about the space increase I have some photos I would love to upload to my blog.. I hope you can help, please get in touch. Dom.
  4. disease74

    Cannot Upload Pic in Workpress

    Hi I did what it says but I have had no luck. Well at least I thought I made the post, I cannot work out how to find my previous posts! My space has still not been increased I have some photos I would like to upload. :-(
  5. disease74

    Hosting Account Space Upgrade

    Hi can I have unlimited space again please? I am a audio video artist / technician and I use this site to promo my work and as a blog: Thanks! :-)
  6. disease74

    Cannot Upload Pic in Workpress

    Ok I realise now that the space is not unlimited anymore because of people abusing the privilege! I get that and its totally understandable. So where do I request to have my limit lifted? I am a musician and artist and want to be able to host my music and photos.. :-) Let me know the procedure...
  7. disease74

    Cannot Upload Pic in Workpress

    Ok I just tried to create a new folder in my file manager online and it says disk quota exceeded so I do not have unlimited space anymore?
  8. disease74

    Cannot Upload Pic in Workpress

    Hi I got this error when trying to upload some photos to a post on my blog: ErrorDSC_1924.JPGUnable to create directory wp-content/uploads/2013/12. Is its parent directory writable by the server? This is within wordpress. Any thoughts? Thanks.
  9. disease74

    change username?

    How can I change my username please?
  10. disease74

    Wordpress has died since changing domain name!

    My site has died! Anything I can do to restore all my posts and stuff?
  11. disease74

    Disk Usage

    Hi sorry to post again. Erm I thought the disk usage was not regulated has this changed? I have about 4gb of my own music that I wanted to archive and move from where it is presently. Is this not possible anymore? Thanks..
  12. disease74

    transfering data from one site to another online..

    Hi is it possible to transfer my old website over to hear (to be a link on the present domain I own with you guys) without having to completely download the whole thing to my computer and then upload it back to here? Is there a direct ftp online, or something similar? Thanks, Dom.
  13. disease74

    Litespeed here we come

    Thank you for all the hard work I love the service so far its simple and effective!
  14. disease74

    Account Suspention

    Hi I got an email saying I have not used this for 50 days but I have definitely?? Must be a mistake but please make sure my account does not get suspended.. :-)
  15. disease74

    Site statistics?

    Hi wondering where in the control panel are there any stats for the hits the site has had? Cheers..
  16. disease74

    Hello from the UK! Great free hosting!

    Yeah well its pretty cool that the support feature is integrated into the forum here and so far any queries I have had have beebn answered VERY quickly and not only that they have actually made sense.. The last place I tried I dont think they were even reading the questions! Nice one for the...
  17. disease74

    Where are your servers based?

    Well I hope the upload times are fast in filezilla never could get it over around 100kb/sc with [removed] . . . . ---------- Post added at 04:25 PM ---------- Previous post was at 04:06 PM ---------- Hey sorry about that.. didnt know i could not mention another hosting service..
  18. disease74

    Hello from the UK! Great free hosting!

    Cool thanks guys! This is so far the best free hosting service I have tried! Really good customer support! I had a bad experiance with Really hard to communicate with them!
  19. disease74

    Where are your servers based?

    Hi i was wondering if anyone could tell me where your servers are based are they in the UK?
  20. disease74

    Cannot log in to Cpanel

    Hi thats sweet I bet I will get fast upload speeds then :-) Great service so far i was with 24hosting before and they really sucked! Nice one please let me know when my account is back up and running.. :smile: