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  1. alexanderbuckland71

    Main Domain Changed

    Hello, Please can I have the main domain "" removed from my Free Hosting account. Username "admintec" Please can I have the new main domain set to "" Can the existing add-on domain be left alone? Many Thanks Alex
  2. alexanderbuckland71

    Limits Lifted

    Please can I have the new limits lifted for my account? Many Thanks.
  3. alexanderbuckland71

    Will any of you upgrade to Windows 8 when it's out next year?

    A public BETA has been around for a while now, in the form of the Windows 8 Developer Preview...
  4. alexanderbuckland71

    Problem with updating my site ...

    I am on the STARKA server, and cannot upload new files !!! I can however make new folders. My domain is I have tried uploading new files with ftp, and via the cpanel. No luck. What is going on? I saw something about starka mucking up quotas ... could...
  5. alexanderbuckland71

    Litespeed here we come

    Since you started running starka on litespeed ... I have been unable to get into the Rvglobalsoft site builder, I also got errors on the left of my cpanel, after about 30 mins of trying random things it all started working again, although the server is MUCH slower than normal litespeed to...
  6. alexanderbuckland71

    Hello to all!

    What a waste of a post...
  7. alexanderbuckland71

    Co.CC - Blocked by my Internet Security

    No-One on here can help you, contact your antivirus manufacturer. I believe that this has happened due to being abused by people who like to inflict viruses and spyware on people. ADVICE - Turn off the browser add-on when viewing your site?
  8. alexanderbuckland71

    Server Errors When Opening Website

    I am getting server errors when opening the website, these aren't happening every time I go to open the site, but just sometimes. I am on STARKA - I noticed the thread about the upgrades, and I saw that STARKA was due to be updated on the same day I started receiving the errors... suspicious...
  9. alexanderbuckland71

    New and need help

    You need to upload an inde.php file or an index.html to the top directory. Make sure you remove any files that are there first, DONT accidentally delete cpanel :L What are you uplaoding? The blog itself? Or a new page / post on it?
  10. alexanderbuckland71

    Server Errors When Opening Website

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