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  1. sclewin7

    Specialized service for web developers

    As a suggestion, you could target web developers by having free web hosting specifically targeted towards them. Developers require much less bandwidth, hard drive space, and need less CPU cycles as well. In return for these you could allow more database's and even allow some other technologies...
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    The best site I ever Surfed! is defiantly the most useful site I know. It haves the most amazing information on operating systems (distributions) and haves a very nice search to help you find the right operating system for you.
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    whats your faverout online multyplayer game?

    I have never been a fan of FPS and dislike the online FPS even more. :) I find I get board very quickly of FPS. My favorite games played online are MMORPGs and my favorite of those haves always been EverQuest. I did start trying out the new free to play EverQuest II Extended, but with the...
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    What is the Best AntiVirus?

    Now that I use Linux I do not have much use for Anti-virus, but if I still used windows I would most defiantly still be using Clamwin. It is a great high end award winning Anti-Virus that is Open Source!
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    Where do you live?

    Thanks for the lesson, it now makes complete sense. :) Thanks again. Yea, he is the Canadian Tux. I made him by taking a regular Tux (Linux Mascot) and adding a red maple leaf.
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    Where do you live?

    just out of my curiosity. Do people in Texas consider it to be its own country?
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    Intermediate PHP

    This was posted on the status page 2 days ago.
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    Where do you live?

    Canada, Ontario for both here.
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    cant log in cpanel

    Check out
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    my site down

    In this case I would suggest using a good paid host. I have a fun hobby site myself that host my PBBG's and I have that on a paid host. I use my free X10 site to develop my PBBG's and provide a place for people to beta test them.
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    my site down

    Really well put.
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    My website is down. I'm dying here!!!

    I really hope it is up in time for you. Maybe you can ask how fast they can move you over to a paid server.
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    Chopin is down AGAIN

    Thanks for the update The Real Rebel and thanks to Corey for spending time on Chopin. It is greatly appreciated.
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    FTP problems

    I tried both Nautilus and Firefox and I can not even get to the point where it ask me for my password. With a timed out error it is probably from the server move/upgrade.
  15. sclewin7

    FTP problems

    I'm getting a timed out error. Odd enough is that the site is running fine. :)
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    FTP problems

    I don't know if this haves to do with the servers move/upgrade at all, but I can not access my site via FTP. I just do not know if it is a problem on my end or not. I checked out and did not notice anything about FTP in the last couple days.
  17. sclewin7

    14 hours WTF?

    Yes, I will admit it is bad and to make it worse that provider,, were even rude to me on their support forum and when I complained they deleted my post and eventually kicked me off their support forum. They are not even close to as nice as the X10Hosting guys here and I...
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    Sigh. Site is down

    from what I have been reading on the forum they are moving a considerable amount of the resources to another site and that is causing the downtime. We need to be thankful that they are willing to do the work and pay the money to improve a service we receive for free.
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    Websites down: Once again it is HTTP 500 Internal Error

    Banners are not enough to match paid members. They make about 20 cents off 1000 impressions, that is not even close to the few dollars a month paid members pay.
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    Great hosting BUT !

    LOL! I never noticed that myself, but it is true. :)