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  1. de.monkeyz

    Mysql uploads

    Hi, I was wondering about something that has stopped my code from working. I want to be able to upload files to a BLOB field to prevent outside users form accessing them. But even though I have intermidiate php and the upload filesize has increased the max_allow_packet variable of mysql, is 1mb...
  2. de.monkeyz

    How things move.

    What I've always wondered about is that when things move whether its an inanimate object or a human moves, they have to pass through every possible point between their begging and end as far as I'm aware. But how big are these spaces? If they do have a size no matter how small it must mean we...
  3. de.monkeyz

    Does this look ok?

    Hi, I've recently uploaded the start of my personal site, the layout is all completed and I was wondering what people thought of it, I don;t have any plans to change just wanted to see what others thought. Nothing is really working at the moment, except user registration and login. Which doesn't...
  4. de.monkeyz

    Selling Downloads

    I want to try and sell my friends own music which he was full rights to on my site, and I've been told that it won't violate the TOS, I was wondering if people knew how to restrict acces to these files unless someone has bought them, I am using php to write all of the script. Any help is greatly...