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  1. supajason

    Profile pic feature for my login script - NO CODES NEEDED

    What do you mean by create a profile picture? Do you mean; the user makes(draws lines, circles etc) the picture on your site or the user can upload the picture from there computer or a URL?
  2. supajason

    Moderators for Forum Wanted

    Hi mrkgg I would be greatly interested in this postion. I have alot of experience in all aspects of IT and i am a very good communicator. If you require any information please email me at jasonedmonds1[at]gmail[dot]com Jason
  3. supajason

    help and advice please

    Your on the right sort of lines. Your contact page - It would go something like this <html> <head> <title>Contact Me</title> </head> <body> <div id="header"></div> .....Nav bar etc Then your php comes into it if($_POST['submitted'] == 'TRUE') { //this...
  4. supajason

    Installing Eris

    if you go here You can see it starts to load but none of the conf is set up so you get a runtime error. <!--/* * =================================================== * @author * Name: plunder, * Email: * Url: *...
  5. supajason

    Installing Eris

    Only thing i can say is try this
  6. supajason

    help and advice please

    This is the best place to start learning If you can't wait you could try your luck in The Market Place you could get somebody to do the coding/test and tweaking for you. You do however need credits, yes credits at the moment with changes/upgrades/data centre moves going on the forum has be...
  7. supajason

    Installing Eris

    try this link "[option]=com_ccirc&menutype=mainmenu&cid[]=11"
  8. supajason

    Installing Eris

    Working demo here Looks ok to me? let me see if i can get you some more info.
  9. supajason

    Installing Eris

    Hello pirran, Welcome to x10hosting Your website is down at the moment so i cant have a peek but no matter. So you want to install an IRC client? Does it have to be "Eris"? If not Joomla has lots and lots of plugins/extensions/module you can find one there. It will be easy to install and easy...
  10. supajason

    help and advice please

    After looking at it all you have is the visual side of it, there is no coding for it. You could write one yourself, however the internet is a very crazy crazy place and people can find little holes in your script if your just starting out coding. You could find a email script online and have...
  11. supajason

    help and advice please

    Hello lukoot, Have you got a link to it please?
  12. supajason

    Wordpress Blog suggestion

    First off the site looks great! So nice job :-) You have 10 posts loading on the index page - is there a reasons? could this be cut down to 5, 8? This would improve speed Your posts have alot of content, you could reduce the size that is displayed on the index page down to 500 characters...
  13. supajason

    Gaming & Tech Website Staff Needed

    I'm Interested! PM me with some info please.
  14. supajason

    Count to 1 Million

  15. supajason

    Custom webmail login page

    Hello muhdmzg, Welcome to x10hosting I think you can, but why not install SquirrelMail from Softaculous in cpanel.
  16. supajason

    Need Help Making Sataus Checker

    Source: <?php // Function to check response time function pingDomain($domain){ $starttime = microtime(true); $file = fsockopen ($domain, 80, $errno, $errstr, 10); $stoptime = microtime(true)...
  17. supajason

    Game: Team A Vs. Team B

  18. supajason

    Change DNS

    Hi, Would it be possible to add to CNAME records to the DNS? If yes: CNAME Vaule "mail" CNAME Destination "" CNAME Vaule "docs" CNAME Destination "" CNAME Vaule "calendar" CNAME Destination "" Thank You
  19. supajason

    Game: Team A Vs. Team B

  20. supajason

    100 credits Dropbox

    [PAID ALL] thanks