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  1. ryoko126

    A Better Video Editing Program?

    I'm looking for freeware or GUI here. But I make AMV (Animated Music Videos) as a hobby and I'm wondering, is there a program that is better than Windows Movie Maker. I'm looking to push the effects and make a better video than I previously could.
  2. ryoko126

    My Thoughts on x10hosting

    I must say I am very pleased with the people and service here. None of the other free hosting I had tried had given me any tech support, or the services that I felt I needed to make my site as well done and hassle free as I could get it. Thank you! Thank you to everyone that works hard...
  3. ryoko126

    Bandwidth Confusion

    Ok I've been trying to figure out how to get to work, and when I went to check on my site, I get a 509 Bandwidth Limit Exceeded message.... BUT on cPanel my monthly bandwidth is at 0.0/20000 mb I am not sure of what's going on. EDIT: I got the domain thing set up but the page...
  4. ryoko126

    Murphey's Law of Life

    Murphey's Law: Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. What are some examples that Murphey's Law comes into everyday life. 1. You spend all day cleaning the house and your husband comes home from his job... With muddy boots.
  5. ryoko126

    Need Images Rendered?

    I am offering to make renders for people. Renders are also known as transparent pngs. But for 15 credits, I will make renders for anyone as long as they follow this criteria. No nudity/hentai pictures. No pictures that show graphic violence. Please send me a link of the desired pic you wish...
  6. ryoko126

    Free Flash Programs?

    Ok I'd like to add some pizzaz to my site, and I wanted to know is there any free flash programs? I wish I could get Dreamweaver (If it's not very hard to use) But I am VERY broke. Any ideas?
  7. ryoko126

    A Domain Name Problem

    It's probably a simple solution but here's my problem. At first my site was and the site came up like normal, but now I have to type to get my page to load up. Is there a way to get it back to the original url and still...
  8. ryoko126

    Xenogears vs. Xenosaga

    Ok, many will agree that Xenogears is the better game, but what is your opinions? Here's my opinion... Xenogears had a much better overall story and one of the best battle systems I've ever seen. The only real problem was Disk 2 was severely rushed. However Xenosaga, while the first game...
  9. ryoko126

    Best Free Web Design Programs

    I am a novice in Web Designing and I can't make tables or <div> that looks like tables on Notepad or whatever. Is there a free program that can help me design a decent site and help me code the basic tables? What I mean for the basic tables is like getting the tables to sit where I want them...
  10. ryoko126

    Getting Kinda Edgy

    I understand people are busy but, I'm getting kinda tired of some things. About 4-5 days ago I asked for an upgrade in a thread. I believe I gave all the nessessary information and still no one's even responded to the request... Not that it matters at the moment because the site's not up due...
  11. ryoko126

    A Forum Question

    On the Upgrade/Downgrade/Changes forum, if I request an upgrade, and it's been several days with no response, is it ok for me to double post? I understand people are busy, so if it's preferred not to, I won't.
  12. ryoko126

    International Music Favorites

    Ok everyone talks about their favorite bands and usually it's all american stuff, but there are many people that are not from the US and have different preferences. So tell me what music you like from other countries. Please do not give a link to the song as I don't want to get in trouble and...
  13. ryoko126

    Questions about Ad-Enhanced.

    Ok I'm a little confused about the Ad-Enhanced plan. According to the information you can get like 100mb-2.5gb What do you do to get the higher amount since Ad-Free is already 300 mb? Second question. In a different thread that has already been closed, it mentioned additional features from...
  14. ryoko126

    account management problems

    I have looked at this link about linking to forum account because I was told this might solve one of my problems. I made a primary email and waited around 5 hours like I was told to. I'm using this link btw...
  15. ryoko126

    A little advice?

    I am working on a Xenogears novel site, and I don't know of colors that would go well with this I don't want the colors to clash or be too loud. What I'm looking for is a dark color scheme. Any color selections for fonts, links or whatever? I'd appreciate...
  16. ryoko126

    Hi Everyone

    I just created an account for a project I'm working on called Xeno Novel. It's not up yet, as I'm still working on the design, but I hope it turns out doing well.
  17. ryoko126

    Installing a phpbb forum

    I just signed up, and I tried to install a phpbb 2 forum, but when I got it, it came up full of fatal errors. Can someone please help me. Also I want to install a template so if it's possible, some help with that too. Thank you.