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  1. kuarkon

    Advertising sites

    Hi...dose anyone knows some advertising sites that are almost the same whit google adsense? That gives me a cod or something to put on my site and earn money from clicks or impressions?
  2. kuarkon

    Addon domain problem

    it is pointed buyt i get the response from the server...but don`t have the index page or something...:(...i will wiat dor the staff to reply to the ticket.
  3. kuarkon

    Addon domain problem

    I have added a new addon domain to my account "" but i dosn`t work and now even in the cpanel it dosn`t even shows that i have that domain added. If i try to add to my account it says that the domain is already configurated. I have submited a ticked but i wait for the response. Dose...
  4. kuarkon

    earn money online

    isn`t dis site a scam?...there was a topic about this site and a lot of users said that is a scam :(
  5. kuarkon


    i have submit a ticket. Now i have to wait until someone reply to me...i hope it will be soon because i`m trying to see if it works every 5-10 minutes...:))
  6. kuarkon


    are the nameservers the same as they was? or they are changed? Because my site isn`t working at all and my domain name is pointed to and
  7. kuarkon

    Is adsense a good thing for all sites

    My account was blocked to but i really don`t know why, i have <1% clicks and i don`t know why they blocked me, they didn`t even send me a reason or a mail. Now i have a google account on my mothers name but is not that good because i have to take my mother every time to get my money from the...
  8. kuarkon

    is x10exchange against the rules of Google adsense?

    :-/...are you sure we can`t have different advertising companies on my pages?...when i read the tos of google adsense i don`t think a sow that.
  9. kuarkon

    Best way to earn money - neobux :D

    maybe you type the password or your username wrong, try the forgot password feature.
  10. kuarkon


    my principal forum dosn`t work, but i`m lucky that i use a second part of my site for 99% of the time and that part works :D I hope corey will finish all the work soon. Many thanks Corey
  11. kuarkon

    Can you Believe On this

    The planet is being destroyed and the habitats for all living things. That is too bad :(
  12. kuarkon


    i can`t wait to see how the new servers will work.
  13. kuarkon

    Absolute server

    thanks for the link to the news section...i have searched the forums to see something about absolute but i didn`t see that :D I hope after this maintenance absolute server will work without to much downtime.
  14. kuarkon

    Absolute server

    i think absolute server is down again :(....i can`t access my site for 4 hours now...i hope they fix the problem that cause this down time :(
  15. kuarkon

    Would you give up cPanel for better uptime?

    that is the same with me...i just want my site to be up. Absolute is down many times in 1 day.
  16. kuarkon

    Best way to earn money - neobux :D

    is there someone that really get the money?
  17. kuarkon

    what should I do to get accepted by Yahoo Publisher network

    Where can i get yahoo ads? Sorry if this is off topic :D
  18. kuarkon

    PS3 site link exchange

    If i want to exchange banners where on your site will be my banner displayed?(footer, header, etc)
  19. kuarkon

    200 credits for the best slogan ( web design firm )

    Design of the dreams. The best picture you can think. Your thought, our design. Picture it in your mind. Hope this helps ;)
  20. kuarkon

    Problem with my site

    Try entering the forum once every 2 weeks, is not much to ask for having free hosting. I enter every 2 days or so and is not hard. I have a bookmark of the forum in the browser and all i have to do is press the button and here i am. You can enter the forum in 5 seconds and you don`t need to...