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  1. deepak.as79

    Can not Access C Panel

    i can't access control panel. problem is that i can see the cpanel login page, when i try to login with my username and password it have no respond and the loading is not completed for a big time then returns to a white page!!! other websites and mine hosted in x10hosting works fine
  2. deepak.as79

    A Little Try

    nice works
  3. deepak.as79

    Hello fellow x10ner's!

    x10hosting is faster than any other free hosting services i used.
  4. deepak.as79


    not displaying images? you need a good skin for your website. now it is look like an old website.
  5. deepak.as79

    PHP upload limit ONLY 2Mb!!!

    if you have php scripts (like joomla) more than 2mb just zip it into 4 or more parts (depending on size) and upload it to your x10hosting account. then unzip all parts with file manager and move files from each directory to a single one. well you are done!
  6. deepak.as79

    Newbie question: site statistics?

    you can use free PHP softwares for knowing statistics of your website. i prefer PHPMyvisits for grab the whole details of visitors on your website (country,ip,time,date,pages visited,visit status, click heat map,web browsers,operating systems,plugins,......and many more.) visit here...
  7. deepak.as79

    Is this nulled or not?

    you will get original trail version on don't use any nulled scripts. x10hosting will suspend you if you host any nulled script on their servers!
  8. deepak.as79

    Account Suspended

    visit x10hosting forum once in two weeks for preventing suspension.
  9. deepak.as79

    new and lost

    Welcome to x10hosting
  10. deepak.as79

    Form Mailer, Action, etc

    x10hosting have active PHP mail() please check your script.
  11. deepak.as79

    Mac or PC

    absolutely PC
  12. deepak.as79

    ATI or Nvidia Graphics Card?

    use Nvidia for the best performance in gaming. NVIDIA Quadro FX 5800 Memory Size: 4GB Memory Interface: 512-bit Graphics Memory Bandwidth : 102GB/sec. Graphics Bus: PCI Express x16 Nvidia+AMD = game guru.
  13. deepak.as79


    may be a wrong combination of username and password or a server issue.
  14. deepak.as79

    Change color of Ad

    is the ad is from Adsence? you can change the ad background from the control panel of adsence. if it is not from adsence please specify the details.
  15. deepak.as79

    Unsuspend pls

    your account is suspended because of the violation of TOS. what is the reason showing in your cpanel?
  16. deepak.as79

    My account is still in the queue

    create a new one or submit a ticket to admin.
  17. deepak.as79

    My Name

    join with mrxp anupam.
  18. deepak.as79

    Latest signature tags

    nice work. i like all
  19. deepak.as79

    best ad site and pay by paypal

    try you will get $25 signup bonus and only $50 needs to payout.
  20. deepak.as79

    can't do "save image as"

    i think there is no way to prevent image saving from a website. because when we use internet browser like opera all images and other contents will be automatically saved on cache folder.