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  1. ariasmac

    Upload site in Dreamweaver CS5

    Using Passive mode, the port was already 21. The strangest thing is that it used to work, and I haven't changed anything... it just suddenly stopped working... I can upload things using an FTP client (Transmit), but I just can't use Dreamweaver anymore... It doesn't even try, as soon as I click...
  2. ariasmac

    How to i design my site

    Yep. WordPress is an excellent choice.
  3. ariasmac

    Free Premium Quality WordPress Themes

    Very nice. Thanks a lot!
  4. ariasmac

    Upload site in Dreamweaver CS5

    Not working for me... Still not able to use Dreamweaver! I got the same message
  5. ariasmac

    CloudFlare Partnership

    Really nice, thanks.
  6. ariasmac

    Anyone here on Google+ now?

    Thanks a lot. I really appreciate it. I just received an email, though I have to admit that I didn't understand a single word... It looks like cyrillic characters? Anyway. Thank you very much. I'm gonna explore a little and see what's interesting about it.
  7. ariasmac

    Anyone here on Google+ now?

    I thought google+ invites were closed. Are they still available? I'd like to try it! a r i a s m a c at (Without spaces...)
  8. ariasmac

    Who is the best Email Gmail/Yahoo/HotMail

    Gmail. Reliable, fast and more than enough storage
  9. ariasmac

    New Wordpress Themes For Free

    Very nice! Thanks a lot!
  10. ariasmac

    Uploading website error in Dreamweaver CS5

    I haven't been able to upload from Dreamweaver either for quite some time... I've tried everything I've read here: passive FTP, using as host name, using port 21. I always get the same window walidno1 posted... I was able to upload from Dreamweaver, using the same settings I...
  11. ariasmac

    Upload from Dreamweaver not working

    I haven't been able to update my site using Dreamweaver FTP shell. It used to worked fine, but now it doesn't even try to connect, just shows the usual "no response from server" explaination about proxys, firewalls, ports, etc... but I haven't changed anything in my account configuration...
  12. ariasmac

    How to make a nice CSS buttons

    Pretty nice, thanks pal!
  13. ariasmac

    Subir videos y audios.

    De hecho yo nunca he podido subir nada de más de 2Mb. Eso si, lo he intentado solo con el shell de DreamWeaver y con clientes FTP.
  14. ariasmac

    More PHP tutorials

    This is a great thread... keep ´em coming!
  15. ariasmac

    What's your favorite TV show?

    Lie to me Cold Case
  16. ariasmac

    What do you use x10Hosting for?

    PHP/MySQL, CMS, mostly.
  17. ariasmac

    5 SEO Tips For Massive Traffic

    Nice tips, thanks a lot.
  18. ariasmac

    No FTP access

    Cannot access my account using nor a FTP client (Transmit / MacOS X) or Dreamweaver site definition shell. Server: Stoli Status: Unsuspended URL:
  19. ariasmac

    Eligiendo un esquema de colores para tu web

    Interesante. Gracias.
  20. ariasmac

    Mail function doesnt work

    I´ll give it a try, thanks. I was looking for something like this.