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  1. epyx_snow

    change of tos?

    Has the tos(terms of service) of x10hosting changed? the reason I am asking is that I have read that only english, spaninsh and french are allowed on the pages hosted by x10. But its not in the tos. it is also not in the AUP(Acceptable Use Policy ).So is it allowed now to have a page in a...
  2. epyx_snow

    ASP.Net allowed?

    It is possible to add new mime types in .htaccess files. Add a .htaccess file in your webroot, ex. /home/username/public_html/yourdomainname/.htaccess , then add a line like AddType application/rss+xml .rss to add the new mime type application/xml+rss for .rss files for that domain. And isn't...
  3. epyx_snow

    What would you improve?

    IPV6 would be a great improvement, but I am not sure if limestonenetworks can provide that. yeah right, limestone charges at least 149 dollars a month for a transfer of 2000gb with your high rate that could be wasted by 40 users, are you sure that is gonna pay up with the ads?
  4. epyx_snow

    Who do you blame?

    People are responsible for their own actions. That means that the ones who did this shootings are to blame, not somebody else. If you try to find an indirect cause for mumbai events, it would be logical to find the indirect causes for whose events to. I then you are in a pattern that never stops.
  5. epyx_snow

    What would you improve?

    Access via https for the cpanel and account panel would be a good thing, or is it already avalible? Since webdisk already uses https. A selfsigned certificate by x10 would work for me. It is better with encryption without a verified certificate than no encryption at all.