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  1. coolnos

    domain name change

    ok i'll just add it as an add-on domain, and will post this issue in project tools as an unsolved issue... thanx for the response man...
  2. coolnos

    domain name change

    hi everyone... i think you have a flaw in the system, because this is the third time since i signed up with you that this happened to me... i changed the domain name from to and the it said its completed and the system shows as the main domain...
  3. coolnos

    what happened to my site & hosting???

    thanx man!!! i never knew x10hosting had any sister sites at all!!! anywayz, lets hope this site spares me the trouble of going through this argue again... and thanx 4 every1... cheerzZz. P.S.: please, if any of the admins who deleted my accounts and saw my files please tell me if they're ok...
  4. coolnos

    what happened to my site & hosting???

    there IS a difference.... i uploaded them for backup reasons so i can download them later at the university which has a 12Mbit connection after i finish the format... and i dont have a DVD writer since i cant afford one right now just in case someone asks... EDIT: ok u know what... whats done...
  5. coolnos

    what happened to my site & hosting???

    You're kiddin' me right???? so because i backed up my flight simulator files from the computer to format it you figured the account was for file hosting!!!!!!!!!!! this is unbelievable... now i have to re-download all the data that has been removed when the account has been terminated on my...
  6. coolnos

    what happened to my site & hosting???

    hello everyone!! can some admin please tell me what happened to my site??? i can't access it from anywhere and cpanel says login failed when i try to login through stoli!!! domain: cpanel: isalem On: stoli i only activated it about a week ago so it cant be suspended...
  7. coolnos

    Account Termination

    hi all!! :cool: please can any account manager terminate my hosting account WITHOUT my forum account so that i can create an ad-free account??? :drool: thanx in advance Mostafa
  8. coolnos

    error in domain name update [SOLVED]

    hello everyone... i'm posting this issue here after several hours of trying to solve this problem... it happened with me before on my old account and one of the admins had to fix it for me, and it looks like this time it has to be done like that too.. i added my domain
  9. coolnos

    best antivirus Norton or Mcafee

    You're Kidding Right???? :D Norton or McAfee!!! HA... you made me laugh... well, for me i use NOD32 but the smart security package because i hate the windows firewall equipped in both XP and Vista... it works great, consumed no more than 5MB to 20MB RAM Maximum, and has a very simple user...
  10. coolnos

    Turn the PC off or leave it on?

    well, i never turn my box off, i have two PC's in my room... P2 intel (the one i use) , and an AMD K6-2 as a server with ubuntu on it... and another 3 PC's and a Laptop around the house. my server hasn't been turned off until yesterday for about the last month... when i accidentally...
  11. coolnos

    How Come??

    thank you sir!!! everything is working as it should THANX BIG TIME!! cheers
  12. coolnos

    How Come??

    im sooo sorry corey... i still doesn't work... i change it in the account panel, and it says successful but in cPanel the Main Domain is im thinking maybe the problem is only in my account, so im now applying for an account termination and then logout, clear my cookies...
  13. coolnos

    How Come??

    yes i did... and it says that the change is complete but when it goes back to the panel i find that nothing happened and even my cite's cpanel status window says domain is although i changed it... thanx 4 the reply and awaiting an answer cheers! Edit: i checked...
  14. coolnos

    How Come??

    hi everyone, just one question, how come was my account suspended for no reason while i visited the forum and the account panel 5 days ago as the panel said... and the staff unsuspensions page says that i was suspended because of inactivity: Username: coolnos Reason: You must login...
  15. coolnos

    DNS IS down on stoli

    hi everyone, dns has been offline in the account panel on stoli for the last 9 hours ( before i went to sleep ), and i really need to access my site... can anyone fix this issue please???? cheers!
  16. coolnos

    problem sending mail through smtp

    hi all, im having this problem for a while now... even with my old account... i cannot send mail through smtp on port 25 using outlook express but i can using secured connections... (SSL) could this be a problem with my ISP:nuts: or with the stoli server??? :dunno: thanx in advance NoS...
  17. coolnos

    request account termination

    hi all, i did a search in the forum and found out that's the right way to do it... i would like to terminate my account WITHOUT deleting my forum account :happysad: ... because i would like to convert to corporate ad enhanced plan but with different subdomain...
  18. coolnos

    cpanel still doesnt work after pass reset!!

    hi all i know this may sound very stupid from me... :nuts: especially after my friend chougard resetted the cpanel password for me, but it still doesnt work!!! my ftp is back online wit the new password but cpanel keeps saying login attempt failed!!! i have cleared my cookies and all the...
  19. coolnos

    Regarding cPanel Password

    Dear All, my brother has the account which he has givin me but forgotten the cpanel password for... :nuts: i have looked all around the forum trying to find answers but with no good i found one thread that had a password changing php page... again no good... page...