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  1. ben.arundel28

    Can I go for vps?

    support is good here, probably the best Ive had from a hosting company + there is this forum, IRC and Google is your friend if you ever get stuck
  2. ben.arundel28

    Seduction Brought By Lagron's Inc.

    the lack of reviews may be due to the nature of your site, people may be afraid of what they may find ;) i had a look through the pages and it all seems nice, far more professional than i sort of thought it may be, only thing i would say is look at the images in the background and the colour of...
  3. ben.arundel28

    Review my site

    take a look at the bottom of your page and the bottom of the one you just posted, i would suggest doing something about the blank white bit you have, it drew my attention and that was the only thing ;) love the mouse pirate logo and the link to Celtic radio ;) its a nice site mate, good use of...
  4. ben.arundel28

    Tech Site looking for staff

    nothing wrong with wordpress and its extremely easy to create content, even easier if you don't give staff enough to look at admin side ;) really like the site nice style i would say if you planning on making some improvements layout wise try and get the forum to use the sites header,
  5. ben.arundel28

    Help Choosing CMS

    what features are you looking for? I think ive been thorugh all the CMS options looking for one for my clan, so i know alot about them let me know what sort of things you want it to do, and i can probably suggest a few pm me if you want ;)
  6. ben.arundel28

    problem with forum

    I was as able to load a but but the layout/images were all over the place, and tbh it isnt working any more "he server at is taking too long to respond" cant even load your domain now, may be my ISP going to reset, make sure you dont have and...
  7. ben.arundel28

    problem with forum

    hey mate which forum software are you trying to use in this instance? you shouldnt have to do anything else, do you you have a domain redirect active?
  8. ben.arundel28

    Phpbb error

    cheers dude can you go back into the phpbb_attachemnts table in phpmyadmin take a screenshot of the entire page and show me that? do you know what version of MYSQL you are using? what version of phpbb are you installing? this is a new clean database isnt it?
  9. ben.arundel28

    Phpbb error

    hey mate when you get the error can you take a screen shot?or copy and paste the URL it goes to when showing you the error
  10. ben.arundel28

    Whats The Last Game You Bought?

    Call of Duty Black Ops < and what a game
  11. ben.arundel28

    Phpbb error

    if its a clean install id say to remove it and try again did you do the install with the latest version of bb from if you dont want to try that go into phpmyadmin and take a look at the table phpbb_attachments see if there is anything in that table that stands out to you
  12. ben.arundel28

    components install Error.

    is this the first extension your installing? within the joomla admin panel go to help at the end and click on system info this will show you all your joomla system info click on Directory Permissions make sure that when doing an install of any extension everything listed in there is...
  13. ben.arundel28

    Phpbb error

    did the install compete without error? have you check phpbb's config file see if all the information is correct?
  14. ben.arundel28

    Help - DNS problem

    sorry kb = knowledge base if you log into you should see if you click on it then you should see a VPS section click on that you should see an article called Setting up Nameservers: BIND (Named) [CentOS] click on that its a guide on how to set up webmin and...
  15. ben.arundel28

    Problem - Memory

    how long have you had the vps? have you been getting emails that say you have failed lfd and cpsrvd ?
  16. ben.arundel28

    For all Starcraft II Lovers!

    no idea who Justin Bieber is but well funny clip
  17. ben.arundel28

    The movies of 2010

    Toy Story 3 was a very good film glad they made it, No good zombie films this year, shame The other Guys was very funny,other than that dont think much of 2010 films,
  18. ben.arundel28

    Help - DNS problem

    isnt there a KB in the client area on how to BIND a nameserver in your VPS?
  19. ben.arundel28

    noobie questions

    Hi set up all seems to be going ok big shout out to Hellsheep for already helping me out loads I have an issue using phpbb3 and automod anyone used this? when installing a mod it seems to go though ok, but it doesnt extract the zip file and place it where it has to be where as it used...
  20. ben.arundel28

    noobie questions

    that would be great hate dos its just those types of bots come with forums etc see, ive got a good setup under here carl ;) can i access the vps over IE or would i need remote desktop or something like that?