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    Count to 1 Million

  2. davos236

    Would you rather game ??

    jump..... one emotion for 5 years no thanks Would you rather...... not have friends or not have family?
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    Count to 200

    3 is the magic number __________ He who binds to himself a joy Doth the winged love destroy He who kisses the love as it flies lives in eternities sunrise
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    welcome back!!!
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    sure. why not? For a million dollars would you burn 1 million British pounds?
  6. davos236

    Can Portugal won world cup?

    Brasil will get their 6th only if they play as a team. thats the problem they had last time. everyone playing like the other guy will make up for mistakes. Then again the are in they are in the "Group of Death"! davos
  7. davos236

    Cancel oopen actions

    thank you. i'll see what happens
  8. davos236

    Cancel oopen actions

    Hello everyone! I have a main domain change pending and am wondering how to cancel the request? I did not uncheck the "use a x10hosing sub domain" box. I think that might be why it failed earlier. Thanks in advance. davos
  9. davos236

    Error Code: AE3E7FCC - any ideas?

    Same here! resubmit failed as well. I submitted a new request but am worried that it will get the same result. davos
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    Setting personal domain to x10hosting

    I just bought a new domain and I'd like to set it as my main domain, and not my domain. I changed the DNS information to the x10hosting name-servers through my registrar. Unfortunately I set my account's primary domain to when registering. I submitted a hosting...