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  1. rayvyn

    Free Software Suggestions

    Software Category: Operating System Software Name: ESXi Short Description: Virtualization Hypervisor Link: Edit: Software Category: Uninstaller Software Name: Revo Uninstaller Short Description: Uninstaller Software Link: Edit: Software Category...
  2. rayvyn

    Web Site is Down on lotus

    Ok thank you for the quick reply
  3. rayvyn

    Web Site is Down on lotus

    I cant access Cpanel on lotus or my website, i can ping it and access the google servcies that are configured like the mail Does any one know whats going on?
  4. rayvyn

    Support Sucks!

    Your support personnel in the help desk are seriously lacking... I have submited a support request and its been almost a week and no resolution has been issues, they just keep closing my ticket.... I still require assistance with the CNAME issue ticket ID is KEE-758794
  5. rayvyn

    Who Here Grabbed Windows 7?

    I installed it on a VM using a Xeon 3 GHz procesoor and 4 gisg of ram..... It KICKS MAJOR ASS!!!!
  6. rayvyn

    Adding CNAME for google services

    can you add the following CNAME's the destination address is
  7. rayvyn

    Cannot access Cpanel

    I cannot Access Cpanel, Im on Lotus Free and although my site is working the addon sitesand parked domains are not , not even the CNAMES created for those sites are working nor the FTP
  8. rayvyn

    What is the Best AntiVirus?

    Kaspersky is preatty good, but a litle too pricey
  9. rayvyn

    Battle of the Browsers

    FF3 Without a doubt... 1.- More Secure 2.- Faster 3.- W3C compliant 4.- Great Add-ons (No Script, Fire Bug)
  10. rayvyn

    x10Hosting Card

    thats a preatty good image, could you post a tut on how to do it?
  11. rayvyn

    Any good place to get GIMP tutorials

    does anybody know a place to get good gimp tuts?
  12. rayvyn

    360 vs. ps3

    In this gen id have to go with the xbox 360 due to the fact that its THE console for RPG's
  13. rayvyn

    cannot logg in

    Although you've logged in successfully, there was an error retrieving your account's hosting type from the backend system. Please post on our forums to seek support on this issue.
  14. rayvyn

    Why does Lotus go DOWN so often

    I would like to know WHY does the APACHE HTTP server on lotus always crashes, I mean its no longer cool. This does not sit well with me or others that are being hosted on that Server. Please look into it. PS: I still like X10 hosting better than most, but its been getting harder and harder...
  15. rayvyn


    Yes, its working now. Thank you staff
  16. rayvyn


    As of today I flushed my DNS and cleared the chache of my browser ans till no luck it is still not working
  17. rayvyn


    Nope its not working when i enter the i get the apache page and when entering i get nothing at all
  18. rayvyn


    Can you make these changes for me? I'd like to set up the following domains to go to google apps ( Thanks! Edit: bump
  19. rayvyn

    Cannot retrieve account type

    That is correct, i havent been able to log in so I just did not try for while
  20. rayvyn

    Cannot retrieve account type

    I registered but when i login I get this error message