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  1. xiamx

    Cron job help, php file daily autorun

    I wrote a php script, to performe daily value update of site stats. I want this php script to run every day at 8:00pm servertime. What should I do to setup this in cron job? Thank you
  2. xiamx

    absolut ofline for an hour

    Aboslut is offline from 5:00PM till now Anyone want to check this problem?
  3. xiamx

    Absolut downtime

    Hey, Absolut server seems offline. Is there an issue with abosolut?
  4. xiamx

    Is there a way to turn Ad Free account to Paid account?

    I found the answer Thanks
  5. xiamx

    Overall Updates

    This is great , X10 is getting better and better
  6. xiamx


    That's great, cant wait to see the updates
  7. xiamx

    absolut overload

    Server NameAbsolut.x10 IP Address74.86.116.187 Server Uptime22:33, 3 users Server Load28.29 Apache HTTPOnline...
  8. xiamx

    Absolut down for already 4 hours

    when is it gonna back online?