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    Link exchange - with 日本語 forum

    Sent a PM but since you simply ignored it it's your loss... Offer is still valid.
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    Hello, where would my link appear, where do you want yours to appear and do you have a statistic...

    Hello, where would my link appear, where do you want yours to appear and do you have a statistic of how many visitors you get average in a last month ?
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    Link exchange - with 日本語 forum

    Writing style alone already tells me enough, but no need for you to reply unless you're offering.
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    Link exchange - with 日本語 forum

    Bump - Offer is still valid
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    link exchange

    I'm interested, what are your statistics ?
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    Link exchange - with 日本語 forum

    Hello, I'm trying to attract new members to my website and I'll happily link exchange with all of you. What I'm looking for is a mutual equal deal, so my site on every page, yours on every page. My website lurked in some partner page, yours also goes on the seperate one. Website is...
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    Possible Link Exchange?

    send me a pm if your offer is still up
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    Site language?

    But why doesn't it apply for paid hosting then ?
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    Site language?

    Why is it actually that your site must be in English/French/Spanish except when you pay ? Sounds quite nationalist to me.
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    Short tags messes up script, require coder to adjust the errors

    So, my site isn't functioning due to the short tags being enabled, now I fiddled around and around with all types of solutions to get around it, but still I'm getting tons of errors and parsing errors. I'd like for someone to help me negate these effects ( of such a silly setup ). I already...
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    Can't login to account

    Whenever I go to I get the following error; Sorry, an error occurred processing your request. We've been notified. Yet my FTP and website are still up. Could someone tell me if there is a technical error or a problem with my account in specific ?
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    Domains not connecting to host

    Just why is this out of your control ? Can't you unblock it or contact whoever you are using to authenticate this ? Because it's really unbelievable. EDIT: Contacted myself to be sure it's their fault and not a third party in between. Will post the response here once I get one.
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    Domains not connecting to host

    Both my domains ( and ) Don't seem to reach the website. The network issues are from some days ago and it said those were solved. I however, can access the control panel ( ftp requires domain ). FTP however, after trying to connect with the domain tries to...
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    Changing timezones.

    I use the following function <?php echo date('H:i:s'); ?>, which currently results in 15:08, whilst at my place it's 22:08. Is it possible to add a php.ini file to the directory so it sets all times at GMT+1 ?
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    STARKA, FTP problem -> Disk full

    I get the following problem whilst uploading files in my ftp. Antwoord: 552 Disk full - please upload later Fout: Fatale bestandsoverdrachtsfout All I wanted was to change a logo image which was 4kb on disc and 2kb what I wanted to upload. Is there some maintainance going on ?
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    Difference between personal use and commercial use?

    Personal use for me is that I use it for myself or with friends with no benefits... Commercial use is when I make any form of profit from it, even if I use it myself.
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    Majority of Country Restrictions Lifted

    You do know more spam comes from the states than say France, Italy, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium or Portugal, why are they not whitelisted ? A little biased perhaps...
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    the best games ever

    Kingdom hearts
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    Requesting additional limits

    I'll keep them seperate for now then. Maybe if this service is still alive after a while I'll consider the premium plan.
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    Requesting additional limits

    And what about the databases, inside cPanel it clearly says 2 / 4 Yet I still can only have 2 but the limit is 4 ?