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  1. breaker_2015


    Hi, I am trying to install Magento E-commerce package and it gives me the error: PHP Extension "pdo_mysql" must be loaded. I have already upgraded to intermediate php version. My site is: My cpanel login is: handbag The issue is coming up during the installation...
  2. breaker_2015

    Cpanel login

    "login attempt failed" along the top.
  3. breaker_2015

    Cpanel login

    Doesn't work :dunno: tried all the domains suggested in the thread and ie as well as firefox. the ftp works only with the new password now.
  4. breaker_2015

    Cpanel login

    no doesnt work. I'm using the username shown in the account section and have reset my password through there as well. is that for cpanel? and the user/pass works for ftp
  5. breaker_2015

    Cpanel login

    I cant login to my cpanel
  6. breaker_2015

    disk space full

    when i upload via ftp it says disk full. i cant login to my cpanel either
  7. breaker_2015

    Recover Backup

    I have upgraded my account. Please could someone restore my backup. I have placed it in the root directory Thanks
  8. breaker_2015

    email addresses

    I have added 2 email addresses today and neither are working. Is there a time limit for them to become active? Is it related to the current server problems?
  9. breaker_2015

    footer link exchange

    looking to exchange links on my website. the site is the link will be in the footer and on ergo on every page. i am going to remove the current information in the footer and replace with just a modified copyright. I would like to have a link such as favicon with text link next...
  10. breaker_2015

    Server reboot killed my domain

    my domain can only be reached at i can only load up the first page as the rest redirects. i checked my .htaccess file for errors and couldn't see any. this was working before cossacks rebooted