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    Self-Unsuspension Difficulties

    Hello, I'm currently on Chopin and have been suspended for inactivity since July 16. I understand that Chopin recently went through a restoration of accounts after some upgrades and that suspended accounts won't be restored unless manually requested. So I submitted an unsuspension request...
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    Help Using Wordpress

    You seem to have the tvshows and movies link down, so that's good. I assume you could just create a page titled "Blog" in WordPress admin and then just have a link to your blogger page. But I think you want it where visitors who click on your "Blog" link to go directly to your blogger page. In...
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    Help Using Wordpress

    I don't understand, aren't your pages already listed in the horizontal navigational menu near the top?
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    Overall Updates

    Whoohoo! Excited for these changes. :D
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    Signups off for 24 hours

    I'm relieved to find that something is being done. A clean up sounds great. Thanks for doing this!
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    Wordpress Plugin Destroied My Blog ! PLEASE HELP !

    Have you read this section?
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    Wordpress & Cpanel!

    You're talking about a homepage that has the same style as your blog page right? Like this?
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    need help with wordpress contact page

    I don't use contact forms on my WordPress blog currently but I did try's contact forms in the past. They are a snap to create and implement into a WordPress page. You should check it out if you want an easy-to-use contact form. Sorry I can't be more of a help.
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    Ideal logo/header size?

    What LHVWB said because a header's size depends on its surrounding elements among other things.