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  1. agroup

    Need designs for SigMessenger - 300 credits each

    here is my design according to site theme :) Check it
  2. agroup

    Which is better

    i think 3rd one is the best for the buisness because it has clear outlook, and looks a professional and trustable site
  3. agroup

    2,222 credits - Menu Bar Design

    ok i am ready to take this work please let me know that you want mouse over sub menu ?
  4. agroup

    Photoshop Video Tutorials

    thank you for sharing good tutorials for the photoshop users
  5. agroup

    Happy Independence Day

    Happy Independence Day To All Pakistanies Long Live Pakistan ! I Proud TO Be A Pakistani
  6. agroup

    [up to 500 credits]: I need authors!

    i am intrested pming email
  7. agroup

    Small 88x31 Logo needed, up to 200 credits

    i am intrested
  8. agroup

    Glitter Your Text or Name -

    Yeah i know that permissions are the most necessary thing to use the graphicsof othrez. i always care it because in other way my hosting account can be banned
  9. agroup

    Glitter Your Text or Name -

    i know about the terms. I have permission to use that if you want to see the written report of these terms i can show you And about which codiing you are talking about Page Coding ? if you are talking about this then it is in initial stages . as i will get time i will make it better
  10. agroup

    Glitter Your Text or Name -

    May be you have seen some of it at the otherz glitter sites
  11. agroup

    <br> tag in bbcode

    Scoohi2 caught my point of view i was asking it for my glitter bbcode script.though i can use space in the code but it will not look bettr when we place it on the forum. Therefor i was asking for line breaker @ zapzack & sharky i am not asking to add the new line in the post or sig...
  12. agroup

    Glitter Your Text or Name -

    Sorry ICHWAR ! i couldnot make it a professional glitter text therfore it dont support symbol. yep i never thought to make it for symbols. I have completed the bb code scipt also. Soon i will place it at the page :) Thankyou for comments
  13. agroup

    <br> tag in bbcode

    How to use <br> tag in the bbcode or how to add the line breaker in the bbcode? i have tried to add the [br] as the <br> tag in bb code but it didnt work
  14. agroup

    Glitter Your Text or Name -

    Hi Everybody ! i was working on Glitter Text Script I have completed it.It glitter the text or the name. you have to just enter the text and to chose the text formating. It will generate HTML CODE of glitter text at the bottom of the page. i am working on it...
  15. agroup

    Learn SEO, Pove Your Stuff and Join our Team, Earn a lot

    Yeah Good I am intrested :)
  16. agroup

    Javascript scrolling

    Hello I hope you will be fine I need a simple javascript scroller which can only scroll the text like the marquee tag Marquee tag cannot be used in the XHTML so we cant scroll the text through marquee in XHTML Therfore i need a simple scroller script
  17. agroup

    Review My Perosal Site [Flash Site]

    Hello ! I hope you will be fine. Two days ago i completed my work on my personal site. I want to review it. Any suggestion will be appriciated. Thanx in Advance
  18. agroup

    [50cr]: Earn fast credits

    i have registered and have made 2 posts username filetube
  19. agroup

    [50cr]: Earn fast credits

    got this msg Your IP has been blocked because it is blacklisted. For details please see
  20. agroup

    100 Credits To Follow A Blog (Computer Surf)

    done with name Haseeb Aslam