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  1. Doppelgangergang

    Count to 1 Million

    2503 posts posted, with 997497 to go....
  2. Doppelgangergang

    Anyone tried evony

    Good call guys. I was tempted to start playing it (was bored today) and I remembered my two week requirement and hopped on here. Turns out to be some crap that could load me with viruses or something.
  3. Doppelgangergang

    Windos 7 (NTFS vs WFS)

    Would the increased complexity of WinFS make it slower though?
  4. Doppelgangergang

    The Ctrl+V game
  5. Doppelgangergang

    Datacenter in a box!

    Like the cooling system they used.
  6. Doppelgangergang

    Windows 7 RC or Beta?

    I liked the Beta more. For me, it was faster and just worked. Now they made it suck. Same machine, but slower and used 5-10% of CPU all the time on idle. Gah.
  7. Doppelgangergang

    I forgot my FTP and Cpanel password...

    I made a medium-priority ticket a while back saying that I forgot my FTP and Cpanel password but I recieved no reply. Is there a way to recover them?
  8. Doppelgangergang

    Playing DOS games in vista/XP/Linux like old school.

    Windows 98 is awesome for DOS games. I can remember playing games on it.
  9. Doppelgangergang

    Unofficial "Fatal Error" Panel Thread

    I'm on Cossacks (I think) and I'm affected.
  10. Doppelgangergang

    Cant access control panel and account panel has error...

    I'm having this problem too.
  11. Doppelgangergang

    Who Here Grabbed Windows 7?

    I got the 32bit RC 7100. Looking good so far.
  12. Doppelgangergang

    !!!***Read this if you have missing files!!!***!!!

    Me too. Kudos to corey for great effort!
  13. Doppelgangergang

    exofire down

    My website - - is also down for more than a month now I think. :/
  14. Doppelgangergang

    Website won't load.

    I completely appreciate their best effort to restore my site (and the rest of the affected peoples), though one can't help to worry for something that I have worked on for hours as I don't want to start back from square one.
  15. Doppelgangergang

    Website won't load.

    *sigh* I hope not. All the tech tutorials, rants and content took ages to compile. *cry*
  16. Doppelgangergang

    help urgently needed

    My site is offline and it may be temporary. Also, I thought that smiley is a double thumbs up. >_>
  17. Doppelgangergang

    Website won't load.

    Hello there! I have been trying to access my site for 3 (5?) days and OpenDNS says it is not loading. is there any problem in the server? Thanks! -Doppel
  18. Doppelgangergang

    Vending Machine (Game)

    You get 10 times the money you put in. :P I insert a lit, high powered, probably illegal cherry bomb. XD
  19. Doppelgangergang

    Website disappeared and I cannot login to CPanel!

    Hello there! I have a website linked to my forum account and it has been replaced by a "welcome to Apache" page. I can't connect to Cpanel, I can't FTP, I can't login, nothing. Any help? I'm on
  20. Doppelgangergang

    Count to 1 Million