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  1. whizzy

    Do you remember which game you played first ????

    Nobody here has played on the vectrex? a "standalone" console where the graphics where made up by green dots and lines. first on pc was some obscure textbased rpg in the line of tale of 3 kingdoms, first console must have been pong at a family members house, the console with the big rotating...
  2. whizzy

    What are you listening too right now? Steve Vai - For the love of god awesome guitar play
  3. whizzy

    Which is your favorite Gaming Company?

    all of the above...what can i say..i am a gaming junkie
  4. whizzy

    Is Google 'watching' YOU?!!! know that one? another one...nothing to hide?...nothing to fear appearantly you got something to hide
  5. whizzy

    Thank you x10 hosting

    Just posting this for others to see that opening a support ticket is usefull. My site is back. I really hope i won't have this a third time but i must has been resolved very quickly. You had the same problem (empty site, empty databases) OPEN YOUR SUPPORT TICKET, x10 is definatly...
  6. whizzy


    I already did open a support request. Fact is that this is the second time within 6 months that my entire site is gone..the previous time i got a "sorry but your files can not be restored". I did read the status page and it is not the problem that i can not acces mysql or cPanel (although i can...
  7. whizzy

    My site is gone...have empty public_html (except for cgi bin)

    my friend, i don't care about migration, they have the responsibility to take care of what is entrusted to them (my hard work) my account is completly EMPTY, and not only my account, it seems to have happend to a lot of people. let's say for the sake of argument that they didn't frek up and it...
  8. whizzy

    Ridiculous! fact your saying. if you don't have a back-up...tough luck, not our responsibility? x10 has no obligation to treat the files of their users with the upmost care. I should check that "status" page every time my site has a connection problem? i better make it my startpage then. Do i...
  9. whizzy

    My site is gone...have empty public_html (except for cgi bin)

    What happend? where is my site? this would be the second time that my entire site is gone after a serverchange.... site is my forumaccount is whizzy, my site account name is wh1zzy (that happend due to the previous time my entire site was gone) all my files are...
  10. whizzy


    totally forgot to log in to these forums. SORRY....will keep track of it in the future ---------- Post added at 06:26 PM ---------- Previous post was at 06:13 PM ---------- Why do i love this host? 1. it's free 2. i get my forum up again in a few minutes after posting this.... thank you so...
  11. whizzy

    just making sure

    That i don't lose my current hosting account :) btw, this site gives you a free software program everyday
  12. whizzy

    Favorite Operating System

    Windows 3.1 and Dos enviroment? wow...your oldskool :D Vista for me so far, haven't tried W7 but keep hearing the same sh1t as i did when Vista and XP, and ME (although that really was crap), and 98 (which still is the best windows so far) came on the market, bet i will hear it when W8 comes...
  13. whizzy

    can not acces cPanel and site above is my site, i can not get on it for several days now, also the cPanel i can't get in. I do not have a suspension ( according to my account panel). first i thought it might be due to some new serverthings you are implementing but i start to doubt...
  14. whizzy


    not in my panel, when i click account upgrade there is a message that it is not activated for my account. not that i need it right now but where should i find it exactly? :hahano:
  15. whizzy

    Free Accounts Upgraded

    wow...1gig not enough? they DO offer a paid subscription also if you need still more space. If you really want it all free i suggest using multiple hosts, one for images (photobucket and/or imageshack are good), one for the site (of course x10), one for your vids (if there..uh.. youtube?), one...
  16. whizzy

    Worse Free Server Ever !

    your mobster site tangoo? loaded instantly for me
  17. whizzy

    Upgrade of free account?

    I am sorry, i guess i jumped the gun and looked only in one place, yes i see in my Cpanel the correct numbers. Sorry for wasting your times {goes hiding under rock}
  18. whizzy

    Upgrade of free account?

    Hi in response on Corey's comment in the upgrade topic the box on my account shows following Hosting Type -Ad-Free Email Address -****** Account ID -TAP3427001631 Username -whizzy Domain Server -Stoli.x10 Creation...
  19. whizzy

    Backup Proposal, Please Leave Feedback

    previous poll was about having double amount of storage, i guess that is out? speed is always a good thing :D