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  1. redtailblackshark

    Need for speed most wanted

    Has anyone else ever heard of this game? I simply love this game, I cannot get enough of it. What cars do you have on it? I currently have: 1.Chevrolet Corvette- All new parts 2.Dodge Viper-all new parts
  2. redtailblackshark

    30gigs invites

    30gigs is a new service that allows you to have 30gb of email storage, and invites are very limited, however, i have 7 invites to give away to whoever registers at my forums and makes 10 posts. my forums: more info on 30gigs:
  3. redtailblackshark

    Points for posting at my forums

    I will give away all my points to whoever is on x10, and reaches 30 posts at my forum located at: and if you register, the person after that will get all my points when i get my points back up again. NOTICE: all staff positions are full at the moment.
  4. redtailblackshark


    why cant i change my avatar? it just says remove avatar where it's supposed to be able to change it!
  5. redtailblackshark

    Post a pic of youreslf

    Post a pic of yourself post a nice picture of yourself please, no rude comments on people please. here is a piucture or me:
  6. redtailblackshark

    Website Layout

    I have my site layout saved as a .jpg and .psd now i want to know how to slice it? is there a simple way to get this done, and can it work and be effective?
  7. redtailblackshark

    My Recent Artwork

    They can all be viewed here:
  8. redtailblackshark

    Make A Cool Advanced Brushed Sig

    Ok, Now you should start off with a sig of about 450x150 Now Fill The Background With Black: <edit<fill Now your sig should look black. Now start brushing with brushes. I recommend metal cx's sparkle brushes, which can be found here Make sure to brush all your image in...
  9. redtailblackshark

    Photoshop: Gel Text

    First You Will Need To Create A sig of about 400x120 size: Now write your text, i suggest a font such as impact: Now apply these blending settings by right clicking the text layer and clicking blending options... For color overlay use whatever color you...
  10. redtailblackshark


    does work right now? thank you. i need to back up the database, ftp works tho.
  11. redtailblackshark

    On And Off

    My site goes on and off all the time, like every hour it is off. link: why is this happening?
  12. redtailblackshark

    Cannot Find Server

    my site is I have had it for a long time now, but I went to cuba for 4 months, and now when i'm back, it's suspended, can someone please re-activate it? My website is in english, and I will put ads on every page. my account info was...
  13. redtailblackshark

    placing ads in smf

    hi, I just got my hosting. I installed smf and was wondering how to add the google ads into the site. I tried, but it just gave a error. What file do I need to edit? and where do I put the ad? Please help! I don't want my account deleted!